Which Super Art Is The Best?

There is sure debate and questions/opinions about which Super Art is better/best.
The thing is that each Super Art is different and sometimes have different purposes and outcomes. However, this poll will gather a general ‘ranking’ based on people’s opinions, on which Super Art is the best in SF3.

I would probably presume that the Genei Jin would be the most voted, followed by Aegis Reflector, and maybe Chun Li’s SA2 or Ken’s SA3.
But what I am interested in, is the ranking of the Super Art’s outside of these. Nevertheless, maybe Aegis would be the most highest ranked. But overall, which Super do you think is the ‘best’? I know different Super are for different situations and different purposes, but, pick you vote.


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You should just accept the greater community and the questions and interests they raise up. If you become so exclusive to only topics that you like, then there would not really be a community for you. It is interesting, some other sites told members to bring the stupid stuff to SRK. And over here in SRK, the abuse is to go to ‘Gamefaqs’. Probably in gamefaq, they tell people to go to yahoo or something. So as you can see, if we just be more accepting, then there wouldn’t be these hate.

Now back to the topic, it seems that most of the votes up till now have been for Genei Jin, which is difficult to say otherwise. But I would like to gather up more collection of opinions, to form a kind of ‘ranking’.


Generally, 3S is a meter-centric game and that means the better characters tend to have better supers. Knowing anything more than that is just theory fluff. That’s why a discussion on the ranking of supers by themselves is so primitive and isn’t getting the response you wanted. The game came out in '99, people already have a decent understanding of how supers compare with each other.

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if you really want to level up and thats why you made an SRK account then that is great! and im not being sarcastic, I and allot of others will gladly help you out.
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personally i love helping people out with whatever knowledge I can give about the game, i think anyone that wants to get better has the right to that information and this community is actually really supportive and caring in that regard. people take the time to write up long technical explanations just because they want to help out the community when they could easily hoard knowledge.

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I am in the same direction as you but I cannot entirely agree. First I don’t see why you think I don’t ‘think before I post’. And as for this ‘trolling’ term, I think I have only seen this word used in SRK. In other forums, the same community of people come in and out, posting. But this trolling word, I don’t see why some people just refer to anything they don’t like as trolling.

I think many people would have the same opinion with me, that the search system is pretty poor, especially for the purposes that we are supposed to use it for. Many people probably get so frustrated trying to use search function. I would say that we should let there be more acceptance and freedom of coveying and asking.
If you try to search for something, it could have been posted in a thread long time ago, and many other irrelevant threads come up, because the search system is pretty dumb. AND ESPECIALLY for searching SF3 strategies, etc. it could be pretty hard. And those big long, ‘all in one’ threads, they are just hard for people to find info they want because there could be 20+ pages of things on a Character. And it takes them long time to find what they want (even if they use ctrl+f). Thing is, the search system is crappy.

The forum system just wasn’t meant to be so restricted, I mean, its a forum after all. People are supposed to have a laugh or two sometimes, share something interesting (like that Ryu video you refer to). Now I think those ‘all in one’ thread just make it plain hard and discouraging for people to find info. Also, they don’t want to read through all the thins to find what they want.

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I was not sure which Supers to include near the end, after I added the obvious ones… I mean, Tengu Stone is probably a must. Since there can only be 10 options in the poll, I just included the option of ‘Another Super Art’. I was tempted to include Denjin or something.

Voted for another Super Art



hack + Sean + Genei-jin >.>

This isn’t retarded, I think it’s a pretty interesting topic. If you don’t want to discuss it, then don’t enter.

I’ve always been interested in lists and rankings. I would love to see someone rank every single super art in the game based on its effectiveness, it would certainly generate a lot of discussion. Well…maybe not here.

Why isn’t this thread closed yet?

Hell, why isn’t BisonSFIV banned? :confused:

There are times when I wish all boards had a sage function.

Well obviously a majority of people voted for Genei Jin.
Interesting to see the other Super Arts, so people think Aegis and Gigas are good, which they are.