Which super to use vs different characters?

I know a lot of ppl love to stick with their favourite super for every fight. But I think it’s best to pick your super depending on whom you’re fighting against and their style of play. If we all can red parry/tachi 720 like Hayao then SA1 might be the best :pleased:. It means nothing if you can only land tachi 720 on wake up opponents. Anyway, I’ll start with top tier.

Yun - SA2
It’s more of a fear factor than anything else since Yun loves to jump around so much. Plus the only time you’re going to land SA1 on a good Yun is to parry some sort of a combo starter. Too risky.

Ken - SA3
Most Ken loves to rush you down so SA3 is a good counter. It’s also a good aa against Ken. 50/50 360/SA3 on wake up is good here as eddieW would say. SA1 might be a better choice if the Ken you playing against loves to zone/walk back/turtle all day.

Chun - SA1
Chun loves to zone Hugo and I mostly pick SA1 vs characters that love to zone. I’d take my chances on getting in close/jump in mix ups w/ SA1. But then I don’t think SA3 is too bad of a choice here if you’re confident parrying fp/c mk consistently.

Dudley - SA3
I hate dudley’s jump ins. A lot of times I can’t even 360 them after parrying a jump in, and you can’t air grab him since his jump is so low. The bar for SA3 is short enough so I’m happy just hitting them 2-3 hits with it. Plus SA3 is good to punish Dudley’s mistakes. Dudley’s 50/50 works well on Hugo’s wake up but SA3 is a pretty good counter.

I’m having trouble deciding which super to pick vs Urien and Makoto. I’m thinking if the Urien loves to stay back and charge then SA1 might be better. But if you’re playing a rush down petition Urien then SA3 is better. Any ideas?

yun and yang
sa2 for fear factor and stop dive kicks… yuns will sometimes divekick and jump straight up after words to avoid throws… thats ur opening and it takes off alot on yun… plus if yun does a jump back fp on your wake up to avoid 360 just c.block and he will whiff u can ex clothesline him out of the air as he falls back… this applies to all characters

sa2 for fear factor… it stops kens from doing ex hur crossups… and once u corner ken it will be hard for him to get out of the corner

sa1 for the fact that ryu will be zoning the hell outta u and sa1 can even the match up if ryus in the lead
sa3 vs denjin

sa1 for the same reason as ryu…

sa3 to punish any blocked c.fp’s… it AAs urien really easy, it sucks him to the ground so u can score all 5 hits

sa2 for the fear factor. dudley can’t jump on u… plus for hugolizard use s.mp to hit dudley out of the air… mix up the timing… then once dudley decides to try to parry sa2 that ass…

sa3 for a wake up vs his mixups

sa2 stop his air game

sa1 2 or 3… sa1 to kill him off when hes at 70 percent health just wait for the right moment… sa3 for wake up factor and punish blocked hurricane kicks… sa2 vs akumas that like to jump in with a hurricane kick

SA2 vs Dudley seems interesting… maybe I should try that out…

i think dudley’s jumping arc makes it hard for hugo to land SA2.

SA3 would be a more reliable anti air IMO

no dudley’s jump doesn’t effect the sa2… use the lk version… sa3 has a vacuum effect on some characters like urien were it will suck em to the ground and u score all 5 hits… and dudley is NOT one of those characters… it will just hit him out of the air… s.mp does more damage than one or the same as 2 hits from the super

but the problem is you have very little time to do your super once you see the jump in… if he’s right on top of you w/ a rh i’m not sure if you can still hit him with sa2

and i’m pretty sure s mp would get beat by a jump in rh unless dudley is jumping in from way too far… sa3 just seems easier in terms of timing and it usually puts them in the corner even if you hit them 2-3 times

anyway… which super do you guys use vs makoto?

Speaking from Mak’s POV, I’d say Gigas. Eventually you’re going to block a Hayate…

most dudley players keep distance from hugo… i pretty much keep doing the motion waiting for a jumpin when dudley is playing distance games… when he’s close i just block but if u play ur game right dudley will rarely be in your face… make him fear the 360…

makoto i use sa3 for wake up factor…

i’m not too sure about using sa2 against lots of those chars you’ve all mentioned. yun’s air fierce or air chain can often bash you out of even the short megaton. my friend used to just jump around and do fierces with yun and lot of times, i’d just get bammed in the face for free.
likewise against dudley’s random air strong/fierces and with ken’s air fierce. he’d toss them out and lot of times short megaton gets beaten. i might be a bit late since i don’t do the megaton the INSTANT i see them get 1-pixel off the ground, but when i use it as antiair on reaction, it sometimes gets beat out if the opponent uses random air moves a lot of the times.

and personally, i stick it out with gigas, hands down. i can’t tachi (the full tachi, i mean… i can do the cheap buffered tricks), but i’ve found the fear of getting smacked by a gigas to be enough to make good players be a bit more cautious so i can land extra airgrabs at random points in the matches.
and i’d defintely recommend gigas against makoto. karakusa ticks put you at sexy range for gigas, but if your makoto opponent likes the air axe kicks, then you get tons of airgrabs/megatons for free.

i personally use gigas in serious matches… its for the fear factor and its perfect for comeback opportunities… ur never safe when facing a gigas hugo… :badboy: i always use it to begin the match or end the match i never use it in the middle if u know what i mean… perfect example is fighting a good akuma… the gigas determines this match, it is so hard for hugo to get in on akuma… but that one gigas will make it worth ur patients. land it at the beginning of the match and akuma will have to rush u or ill run the clock out giving hugo the advantage because hugo is very good at countering rushdown. its all strategy

While I use Gigas most of the time, even in serious matches, when I REALLY want to win I’ll use SA3. Great counter against pokes and being able to combo with Hugo does help out quite a bit. However I’ll definitely choose Gigas to punish ground-dominant fighters like Makoto and Chun. SA2 I’d probably only use with Oro or something.