Which Super to Use

Today I was at my first tornament and I realized there are some characters I barely ever play against, and I had trouble deciding which super to use. Rather than digging through all the threads in the Oro forum I thought we could make one quick list of every chacarter and which super will have the best effect. If you’re feeling really helpfull you can even add why, and maybe some tips to get the most out of the super you chose.

I’m looking at the tier list so I don’t forget anyone, so don’t mind the strange order:

Yun - Tengu Stone
Chun - Tengu Stone
Ken - Yagyou Dama/Tengu Stone
Makoto - Tengu Stone
Dudley - Yagyou Dama
Yang - Tengu Stone
Gouki - Tengu Stone
Urien - Tengu Stone
Ryu - Yagyou Dama/Tengu Stone
Oro - Tengu Stone
Ibuki - Tengu Stone
Elena - Tengu Stone
Necro - Yagyou Dama/Tengu Stone
Alex - Yagyou Dama
Remy - Tengu Stone
Q - Tengu Stone
Hugo - Yagyou Dama
12 - Yagyou Dama
Sean - Yagyou Dama/Tengu Stone

These are all subject to change when the discussion moves on further.

Here’s more info on Oro’s super arts:

Kinshin Riki

Yagyou Dama

Tengu Stone

Yun - 100% Tengu
Chun - 80% Tengu, 20% Yagyou
Ken - 60% Tengu, 40% Yagyou
Makoto - 60% Yagyou, 40% Tengu
Dudley - 80% Yagyou, 20% Tengu
Yang - 100% Tengu
Gouki - 100% Tengu
Urien - 80% Tengu, 20% Yagyou
Ryu - 50% Tengu, 50% Yagyou
Oro - 100% Tengu
Ibuki - 80% Tengu, 20% Yagyou
Elena - 100% Tengu
Necro - 80% Yagyou, 20% Tengu
Alex - 70% Yagyou, 30% Tengu
Remy - 80% Tengu, 20% Yagyou
Q - 100% Tengu
Hugo - 100% Yagyou
12 - 50% Yagyou, 50% Tengu
Sean- 50% Tengu, 50% Yagyou

I guess some of these are debatable, I don’t really agree on the shotos and makoto, esp since you have to dash x 3 on makoto which can put her in the corner easily and then you’re done.

I think Yagyou works best on all the shotos minus Akuma. The unblockables are just too easy to set up. Not being able to cross them up in the corner does kind of hurt though.

hate to say this, but even I have messed up shoto chicken timing in tournament+ you have to land mp into chicken, and on ken that is just damn difficult at times. air parrying often leads to s.mp into whiffed chicken, + dash under to s.mp is just not really plausible on ken because of his huge crossup. IMO this should be a Tengu match-up. Yagou is usable, but in my opinion, Tengu heavily out weighs it in advantage.

60/40 and 50/50 splits are naturally up to debate, though 80/20 and up are pretty much set in stone. At least we all agree that Kishin is total garbage.

Yeah, the shotos can definitely go either way (except Akuma), but I think the main point about Makoto is that she’s easy to double launch. So even though you have to dash 3 times on her, the initial setup of s.MP (2 hits), s.MP (1 hit) xx Yagyou is easy, and doesn’t really move you forward at all.

The only other thing I’m curious about with Jinrai’s list is Dudley. I don’t see how this isn’t 100% Yagyou. I feel like he’s the easiest matchup for Oro with Yagyou. Easy to double launch + can use HP Yagyou which takes almost no room + can cross up in corner = domination? I don’t see any other matchup as Yagyou being as good or better then against Dudley.

LIKe tengu is strong too agianst dudley too because of his big hit box when your doing level one tengu chip.

I would say Alex is 50/50 at least. I have tons of success against him with Tengu Stone… like I don’t remember the last time an Alex player could touch me.

Id say its definitely 100% yagyou against Dudley, only one dash required before crossup, easy to crossup so you can corner unblockable, and his jump is crap, so throwing out a fireball xx mp yagyou when hes in the corner (not even in a combo), then superjumping over him is just so easy to do.

Id go with tengu against makoto too, 3 dashes for the unblockable doesnt often work, plus normal tengu pressure in the corner is safer cos she has no wakeups.

i would say tengu for 12 because if its a good 12 and hes keeping pressure the only way to hit with yago is in a chicken juggle or something

Dudley is able to bust out a reversal Corkscrew to escape unblockables. He ends up taking a hit or two of the Yagyou in the process, but Oro gets knocked down. It works with Rocket too, but that’s kind of a waste.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think quick single parry into either super has the possibility of hitting Oro cleanly. Hung told me that Vic has done that to him.

As for Twelve, he has to contend not only with Strong/Fierce fireballs that he can’t parry if he airdashes, but also the fact that he can be crossed up in the corner.

Haha what else would you be using it for?

well how often do you get a chicken juggle off on a 12 that wont stop moveing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure on this one, I think it requires more testing. My friend has a really good Dudley and he plays me all the time, and trust me, he’s tried everything. I even sent Vic to losers because I got him into unblockable death. I got like 4 reps each round and he never parried or corkscrewed out.

Hmm I thought about and yagyou gives oro a huge edge with the shoto fights. Back throw then jab or strong yagyou (Now their in the corner) now you can cross them up and get free a unblockable. If they jump you benefit hit them while their in the air, and your building meter as your doing this. Constant pressure with yagyou can make this match very easy on oro.

Sadly you can’t cross up Shotos but it definetly gives you the edge if you’re in mid screen. I have been throwing Shotos into the corner and using Yagyou as if it were Aegis and mixing up with UOH or c.short, but it hardly works and I need to stop.

Shotos can be crossed up in the corner but only on knock down. This is why Yagou gains some viability with corner setups. But I still stand on Tengu for at least 70/30 for Shotos. And I like both supers, but Tengu has everything Yagou can do in this match-up, and it also has more options in my opinion.


Edit: So when would be good times for me to use Yagyou, after I throw them into a corner and, anything else?

A video would help too :slight_smile:

We just went over the whole corner throw cross up thing in another thread a few weeks ago. After testing, I found that there wasn’t enough time to back throw and Yagyou/EX Fireball, and still jump over them in time to cross up, so this is irrelevant in this discussion. If you Yagyou/EX Fireball and then jump into the corner, you get there when they’re getting up and land in front of them.