Which Super to Use

Yeah, save that shizzle for hugo.

I’m finding that SA2 works wonders against a Makoto cause it keeps her at bay. Makoto dominates up close so doing something like backthrow > super and then sort of seeing what the Makoto player does works wonders. Most of the time the Makoto will try to dash under it or jump or something or even parry, and I’ve caught a lot of opponents screwing up. SA3 is good against her too but you need to either do the close MP (hard to do against a Makoto) or the air chicken just before landing and the yagyou just seems a lot more comfortable. Not to mention if you get the chicken combo midscreen you’re laughing.

Kiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssshhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn Rrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Sssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I disagree, shes a right sucker for vanilla tengu pressure in the corner, and shes always going to be up close, a blocked hayate leads to the launch. And its not like u need the extra meter for reversal EX srks, that can only work so many times in a fight, probably once.

ok anyone can parry out of nilla, most people who know what there doing usually can. But both of her usable SAs are instant reversal. I’d say either super works well. both can add instant pressure to keep her off of you. I’d say both are viable but I prefer tengu on this matchup. It gives you just as much of a death touch as her and you have equally good pokes. Just guess right you win.

Also blocked Hayate does not equal launch. It equals kara throw or the more preferable mk -> command throw. You are not in range to launch, and the block stun does not give you enough time to walk forward.

yeah ure right, mp is too far to use after a hayate. I never find the chance to use the unblockable against her of the 3 dashes. SAII is not instant though.

I meant both SA’s for Makoto and her SAII i think is damn near instant - the rolling up to the screen

So what’s the deal, why does everyone preffer Tengu over Yagyou against Yun?

I like Yagyou for simple unblockables, yagyou pressure and chip damage on knockdown, yagyou cross up in corner, and most of all meter for EX uppercut to interupt blocked Genei strings.

Because most oro player dont play like that (i do :P) most of them just try for unblockables with yagyou. but i do prefer tengu on yun, because just turn it on when he goes genjin then he has to think twice about rusheing you. but ill try the yag you interuption sometime sounds like it will work

The only reliable unblockable setups against Yun are 2-hit launch, walk up 1-hit launch xx Yagyou and jump in air chicken, 2-hit launch xx Yagyou. Yun cannot be chicken comboed midscreen unless he is slightly airborne before the first launch connects.

Yagyou pressure and chip damage is garbage compared to regular Tengu pressure and chip damage.

Yun cannot be crossed up in the corner, so corner unblockables do not exist.

Genei Jin attacks stuff EX Uppercut for free, but trades at best with Tengu.

If you’re going to use Yagyou on Yun, you might as well use Kishin. It’s that bad.