Which Supers / Ultras can be Kara'd into?


For example, :qcf::d: ,:df: + K, PPP

Pretty much, which supers or ultras can be kara’d into with a normal? Thanks : D


Gen’s mantis U2. Though only purpose of doing that is to combo into it from ex hands on some chracters. Some require kara, other don’t. And it’s not that noticable. Not like ken sagat (not sure if they can kara their ultras, supers).

Can’t mention anyone else. I guess i either haven’t seen it because it’s impractical or just don’t remember.


Thanks a lot man, where is a good site to find out who has kara ultras/supers?


Pretty sure you can kara every ultra just like a special. The properties stay the same, it’s just alot harder in general. The most practical way (though really impractical) to do Ken’s kara U1 is to hold down 3P, then do qcfx2 + mk ~ release 3P. The reason you have to do this, is because pushing 3P+MK would result in a focus as it has a higher priority than ultra. The same thing happens with any ultra involving LK or LP while standing, as you’d get a throw rather than ultra. For HP and HK karas you can turn off your taunt (but why would you ever) then you can do it normally without having to negative edge.

I remember a video a long time ago showing Ken’s kara ultra being used to anti-air from afar and punish 3/4 screen tiger shots.

Also with Akuma, he can cancel any of his grounded normals into super or ultra 1 any time during it (startup, active and recovery).

Last I checked, moves with special kara properties like sagat’s f.lk, honda’s, df+hk, viper’s far.hp and others don’t allow you to cancel into ultras like you can do with special moves.

And also you have armored kara ultras which is buffering in an ultra off the first few frames of an armored special move (though not plink timing because I think that would give you a normal kara ultra anyway) which only comes out if that armor takes a hit. But these karas work for special moves and other stuff as well.


Ken has kara super and kara ultra. made this video a longgg time ago



Oh god that aa kara super to ultra looks like it would be the best to troll with. Clipped him from far as hell