Which sytem do you plan to purchase XII for?

I didn’t see a thread and thought it was time.

PS3 for me!


this Clan thing sounds sick , it better be what i hope it is

Ranked mode fails in every game i saw so far ( Tekken 5 DR , SF4 , SC4 … ) so its good that we dont have it :sweat:

plus i dont use a stick and the 360 controller fails

PS : i have an Xbox but I never use it so it isnt just a biased opinion :bgrin:

The Clan thing sounds really cool, but I already have sticks for my 360. >_<

For the 360, because you know… arr matey and what not

PS3 first. I’ma try and win a 360 copy as well, but if not, I’ll save up and buy the 360 ver as well.

So across every damn forum someone just HAS to do this? Really? You know what would have been better?

A KOFXII gamertag sign up thread. But no. You had to make this thread.

But Hatred. There’s a slot in the control panel to put gamertags and psn ids without the need of topics like that

1)The SFIV section has a 360 and PS3 gamertag sign up thread.
2)Dustloop also has a gamertag sign up thread for BlazBlue.

It’s a pretty good idea since not everyone will always look at the gamertag slots.

True Dat. you got me there

I’m getting both.

:rolleyes: I have no gamertag. I have no PS3 or Xbox 360.

This thread has it’s uses. If you feel the need to post your gamertag, post it after you have voted. Let’s be constructive.

Title clearly says purchase.:wonder:

So you just made a thread just to make a thread? Like that guy in the SFIV section that made that “best taunt” thread? Another “just wondering” thread? Constructive indeed.

A gamertag thread IS constructive. It’s organized. When people come in here for people to play a GAMERTAG thread will be best suited for that.

I’m on the fence about which system to buy. I thought others might be, too. And comparing my efforts with a taunting thread is a little harsh. I’ve been a lurker on SRK probably since it started. I wouldn’t make a thread for the sake of making one. That will get you lynched here. A poll is perfectly organized. You vote and leave your comment.

Even if I had a PS3, the 360 would probably still be my preference. Joystiq + Better built in online features, and all.

I’m so glad the Xbox360 side is as well developed, fighting game wise, as the PS3 , heck, better, even. I used to hate that on the original Xbox… I prefered the overall feel of it because it was SO much closer to feeling like a Dreamcast, but so many games came out exclusive to the PS2… it was very annoying.

Ok, so then your efforts were not misplaced. As expected there’s a damn good chance the 360 will have more players. I’m going with the PS3 because it’s want I want and whatever exclusive crap the 360 has I don’t care for. That and I don’t plan to buy a stick since that’s cash I don’t have nor do I know what to do once the stick gets messed up in some way.

A tip on deciding which console to buy: Make a list. Pros and cons and decide if the pros outweigh the cons.

Btw… guess who is the rich bastard who will buy the whole damn cab?:cool:

Yeah. I had almost decided on the PS3 (my HRAP2SA = better compatibility with PS3 adapter) but… MS is having a phenomenal E3 (I know it doesn’t matter much but it made me take notice). I figured I would go where most of the users would go and other non-current-gen owners might be in the same boat. Something like SFIV is easier to gauge. It’s a much more popular series. But you can’t always tell with KoF.

Freeplay usually invites free beer. :bgrin:

I’m getting PS3. I have a modded 360. I hope that this game runs better online on the PS3 than SFIV. SFIV is pure crap on the PS3. This is coming from a PS3 fan. I get what I pay for.

I do like the clan idea even though I probably won’t be good enough and be dead weight for my team xD.

As long as you’re willing to improve the more knowledgeable players will be willing to help.