Which sytem do you plan to purchase XII for?

I actually am buying a PS3 console for KOFXII and so is two other AI friends (RJ&Reynald, Duc, and Jon–although technically he won it for coming in second place at the tourney). I do however get Reynald’s cabinet in my place shortly (as soon as Ignition ships it out to him :slight_smile:

PS3, for the controller & I’ve got a ps3 stick too.

PC if it happens.

I was reading replies and getting discouraged that there wouldn’t be a decent online community for 360 with everyone saying they’re getting the PS3 version, but then I looked at the poll and 360 is in the lead? o_O

Yea im befuddled by that too. O well, the more the merrier. Im getting ps3 first so i can vs. Dark Geese and LOOSE HORRENDOUSLY

PS3 for me, I’m building a stick for ps3/pc so this works out great. I can’t wait to fight you all :smiley:

360 for the better online. Also because I haven’t really been touching my PS3 in a while and switching the television between modes as often as I’m going to be playing this game is going to get pretty old.

Xbox360. This game will determine once and for all who stays on friends list, and who gets kicked.

Getting it on the 360. Gonna mod one controller and have the other on the way for it. Thankfully simple mode will suffice for those using the 360 pad until the other arcade stick arrives.

I’m accepting all friend requests atm, because I’m going to be kicking A LOT of people off my friends list. Once my parts arrive I’ll be playing a lot less shooters from then on.

360, I need to send it to Microsoft first the damn thing gave me the E-74 message :wasted:

PS3 for me.


I’m buying it for PS3. I have an HRAP3 that I’ve modded to look more SNK and I’m planning on importing a Neo Geo 2 stick.

Xbawks. X360 sticks can work on PS3, right? It’s the madcatz se.

I’m pretty sure KOF XII on 360 will keep a decent fanbase till at least Tekken 6 comes out this fall.

There were a handful of folks on Fatal Fury and a gang of motherfuckers on Samurai Showdown II and I heard KOF: NeoWave (yeah the last KoF on the first x-Box) is STILL getting play after damned near 2 years.

Hell, I’m sure even Street Fighter IV’s base might even take a small hit from KOF XII

^^Wow, might have to check up Fatal Fury Special on the XBLA then.

Nope, unless you have em’ custom made like the one I ordered. :wgrin:

I’m going with the PS3 so I can wreck havoc on everyone with my PS3 Saturn pad after I have a good amount of time with the game.

Watch out Austin, Cali, Oregon, the real “Pride of Texas” is coming July 7th!!!

I will look forward to it.

ps3 cause i already have a stick and i dont have gold on my xbl account.

So who wants to run the SRK Clan on PS3?