Which team and why? Doom/Storm/Sent VS Doom/Storm/Cable

I’ve seen 2 variations on the Doom/Storm team, one ending with Sent, and one ending with Cable.

Which of these 2 teams is the better team? I’m currently running Doom/Storm/Sent, but I’ve seen many people replace sent with cable.


storm = storm
Cable > sentinel
Doom = Doom

that is why storm/cable/doom is better.

Well you know I’ve got to get up into this, since this is talking about the team in my avatar.

Let’s take it like this. Let’s look at both of these teams with Storm on point.

When Storm is on point with Doom/Storm/Sent, she can rush, and as a matter of fact, she has to, because this team has problems when the opponent get’s right on top of them, because there will be no assist to protect them from over the top. She would also probably have drones backing her up, which can lead to more rushdown by way of crossups and resets and what not.

With Storm on point on Doom/Storm/Cable(normally off of a dhc in), you have a little more leeway to run away. Also, you have a makeshift AAA to work with. With it, you can set up traps/resets/hailstorm, which. This team is more about micromanagment, and taking up space. Basically, for majority of the match with this team, you want to be zoning, and playing defense.

Also, the DHC’s of Doom/Storm/Sent offer a lot more to the user, as you have some damaging ones(Storm/Sent, Doom/Storm, Doom/Sent). You will be building meter for these DHC’s, and trying to stay in, to chip, and hit these dhc’s. With the DHC’s of Doom/Storm/Cable, the emphasis is not really hitting dhc’s(don’t get me wrong, it is really nice to hit peeps with any of them(Doom/Storm, Storm/Doom, Cable/Storm)), but more for meter for running, and shooting random crap.

If one component of Doom/Storm/Sent Dies, then you still can win. If one component of of Doom/Storm/Cable dies, namely Doom, you are going to lose period, unless you have a really good Storm.

In all and all, Doom/Storm/Sent can rush a lot more, Doom/Storm/Cable can zone a lot more. I play Doom/Storm/Cable, cause I like to play defense a lot lol.

But these are all my opinions and thoughts. I hope they help in anyway and all.

Good shit CooCoos,

With Doom/Storm I’m trying to get 2 meters and then DHC to hail from air photons, then I have 2 amazing assists with drones (if I pick sent) and Doom, then I can have the option of rushing that shit down with drones, or ultimate chipping with rocks and hail.

But of course, that team lacks a good “get the hell off me” AAA, which cable has, and of course, runaway storm can build meter for Cable.

Thanks for breaking that shiz down for everyone CooCoos. I think both teams have their pluses.


And a little more about both of these teams as well.

Doom/Storm/Sent: The easiest way to build meter with this team, is to chip while you do it. This way, you’ll be still damaging the opponent, while building the necessary you need. Eventually, they’ll do a very dumb assist call, which shall be punished with the new meter that you have. Also, you can kill Team Scrub with this team. Sent/Doom takes care of Cable by zoning to the corner, which will then lead to a Sent/Doom chipping pattern to death. Then, Storm/Doom fights Sent/Cap.

Doom/Storm/Cable: Try not to play keepaway the whole match, especially with Cable on point. This will get you killed a lot. Remember that if you have Cable on point, you must do a lot of moving around, as well as throwing shit around. The key to winning with this team, is to stay mobile, and make them do what you want them to do, to set up for damage. With Doom on point, any Cable call that hits, should either lead to the Doom/Storm trap(I use Storm-Y, works wonders when zoning Cables), or Sphere Flame xx Hailstorm if you have meter. With Storm on point, you can actually rush if you want to. Storm/Doom has some pretty havoc resets that they can do, but it isn’t really necessary, unless it is Sent/Cap, where you want to rush them down, to keep Sent pinned to the ground.

And more important for both teams, do not let anyone get on top of these teams, as it will hurt if someone does.

Hope this helps anyone also.

you must really like doom i just can’t see starting him against the faster characters mags storm…shit even sentinel will get into dooms ass if you can’t protect him with aaa if i were playing doom/storm/sent i would definitely have doom last just doesn’t make that much sense to me to put him first when the intention is to dhc him out anyway but i definitely think thats a better team than storm/cable/doom for the simple fact it has options you can rush with the sentinel team cable can’t rush at all and even if he comes in you aren’t likely going to cross anyone up because his moves are pretty basic but if youre one of those ahvb whores then you should do fine just run around and call doom for chip that will frustrate a lot of people into doing tons of dumbshit i would probably be one of those people being that my main team is santhrax but i would probably use cyke against a team like that being that cyke beats doom clean …on another note coos are you going to ecc i wouldn’t mind playing some of those doom heavy teams

You make it sound like we don’t know Doom’s match up’s. He CAN fight mags, but it’s a guessing game. Guess right, and don’t be afraid to challenge the mags player by throwing shit out there and making the mags player know the match isn’t free, then you get a chance.

The reason people start Doom, especially in the case of Doom/Storm/Cable is because of that very DHC. This team is not reliant on that DHC, but if you can hit it, then you have Storm in the lead where you can have the option of running or rushing. Also, with Doom out on point, it gives the opponent not only a different look, but also a way to fight xxx/Cyke. Plus, if you start Doom regularly, then you will focus on using him more, which he can dominate if played correctly. This joker has some crazy mixups of his own, but not may people explore him on point.

And remember, as I stated earlier, with Doom/Storm/Sent, you have to rush to protect yourself, while with Doom/Storm/Cable, you have to zone to protect your weaknesses. Both have the same weakness which is right above their heads.

I have an uncle who lives in NYC. I’m thinking about coming up there for a little bit during the summer, but I can’t go to ECC this year due to my baby is due at the same time as ECC. But, I’m gonna try and come up this summer to play some sets, and tape stuff from up there. And I also use Santhrax and Watts myself; Sent/Cap is a guilty pleasure for me.

i’m not saying what doom can or can’t do because for the most part i don’t play him but i could probably count on one hand the amount of times i’ve seen him played aggressively hell i can count on one hand the amount of times i’ve seen someone play him and not juper jump photon array, photon array land j. fp sj photon array i think its interesting i didn’t say i wanted to play the guy to beat him i said i wanted to play him because i’m interested in playing those doom heavy teams…as far as throwing shit out there against him yeah thats a good idea except for when you play people who punish dumb shit again i’m not dissing just would be a hard fight from what i’ve seen…again I DON’T PLAY DOOM

Periods are your friends.

And by “throwing shit out there” I’m not saying to throw out “dumb shit”, just let mags know it’s not for free, but I understand where your coming from.

i wasn’t aware correct punctuation was a requirement to post on this board judging from some of the posts here common sense isn’t required either…don’t lame up the thread

of course you don’t want to just sit there and let mags do whatever he wants i think thats pretty much common knowledge even if you could(no one can) block all of his mixups/crossups he would just grab you…sent can fight mags too but usually against a good player a clean hit=a whole lot of pain

its that doom vs mag debate again.
i mean of course doom is like a well rounded FAT-version of storm and because of his large hitpox and lag (some, nothing too serious, but enough against mag) hes probably a natural bad match up vs a relentless magneto.
some mag players think doom is free food, but its not true.
they will realize it especially if doom ever gets a decent combo in
when that happens it will probably change the gameplay of the mag player to a certain degree after he rethink it through that doom is NOT free food.

However, a clean hit from Doom can equal the same thing that Mags can do, and with less effort.

I guess I understand MGS, as you haven’t seen a rushing Doom before, and this needs not be another Mag vs. Doom discussion. There is a thread for that already.

However, I will say this MGS, I can probably assure you, that you will face a rushing doom eventually, and most people will tell you, a rushing Doom is absolutely dangerous, because he also has resets and mixups, and here’s some other stuff that you probably would not know about Doom:

Do you know how Mags can dash up, and then just do qcf + hk to do his hk throw? Well Doom can do it as well. When fighting against Cables, this is a priceless thing to know, because if you hit this once, you have your choice of Instant Overhead, normal jump square jump plus assist apa, df + hk, or a plethora of numerous things. If any one of those hit, then Cable dies, and it is the same not only for Cable, but for anyone who gets hit with that hk throw on the ground, it can lead to death for him/her potentally.

Doom also has the sj. d + hk glitch. You know when you are in the air for a super jump, how you can’t call assist whilst airborne right? Well Doom can just do his d + hk xx air dash + assist. In the hands of a rushing Doom, this can be used to set up for resets and mix ups. For example, with my Doom/Storm-Y/Cable team, I can launch, magic series, d + hk(whiff) xx air dash uf + one of the assists. They will be dropping, not even thinking of blocking at the time, in which a Cable assist will send them back up, in which they get the APA, with full hits. Or, they will land on Storm, which will trap them so that they can’t move and then I can pin with photons or butterbeam.

There are two problems I see though. Most people, do not use the WHOLE team. They only create strategies for parts of the team, and so when a crucial part of the team is gone, and they are left with a part that they didn’t account for, then they are up a creek. For example, it is MSP vs Thrax. Mags is successful in romming your first character out, and here comes Cap. You know you have to get Cap out of there, but how are you going to do that, when you don’t know anything with Cap but corridor xx sword DHC out. What are you going to do? I believe if people started playing with, and creating strategies with all of the parts of their team, then that team in their hands will be stronger for it. Cap/Sent can beat some surprising stuff if you put your mind to it.

Also, regions have a play into I think, like someone sees a runaway Doom in their area, and they automatcally think that’s how he’s played? No way. That is just how that player chooses to play him. I play a zoning Doom. That way, I can go from running to rushing in a heartbeat. Others play a rushing Doom. But just because you see one thing from one player, doesn’t mean that is how you have to play a certain character. I recommend that you pick up Doom. You play Mags from what I remember, and Mag/Doom has easy mode unmashables, as well as resets with Doom/Mag. Give it a shot. You’ll be surprised at what you can find with Doom.

I hope that this clears some of the misconceptions you have about Doom. Remember, it’s not about what you see, but how you can make it into your own. I hope this helps anyone, or to clear up anything about stuff.


Doom/Storm DHC
Storm/Sent DHC
Doom Sent DHC

yep, close thread.

actually all anybody had to say was storm/sent dhc.

fuck a dhc
storm with cable anti air will fuck storm drones, or storm rocks anyday. all that senti drones gives storm is an offense, but what good is it if storm is one of the best characters on D.

plus with cable anti air storm gets an easy, tap tap, assist, hailstorm.

then theres cable…come on, a good cable will fuck senti up, and rocks don’t help senti make fighting cable easy.

the only real hope storm/senti/doom has is to beat the opposite storm before it does real damage to the team, and build meter.

in marvel defense wins.



sanford kelly said it… and it’s the truth

“if your sentinel knows half of what it’s doing, cable is nothing to worry about.”

or at least, that’s what “somebody” told me he said… but it’s the fucking truth.

I’ve started back playing DSS now, and I’ve found some crazy interesting new stuff.

This may not be new, but one of the things that makes this team a little more versatile than DSC, is that the Storm and Sent assists are very interchangable depending on what you are up against, what you want to dictate in a match, or how you want to play.

For example, If you were to choose Doom/Storm-Y/Sent-Y, you would gain a keepaway game that can keep an opponent pinned very well. Also, you gain vertical and horizontal mixups from the two assists. If you were to choose Doom/Storm-a/Sent-a, you have a rushdown scheme using those assists. Should you choose Doom/Storm-b/Sent-Y or Doom/Storm-Y/Sent-A, you gain a what I call, “come hither and get smacked” scheme. This is harder to play, because you are basically doing one of the traps(Doom/Storm-Y or Doom/Sent-Y) for a few reps, and then when the get out of it, you meet them with the proper assist(Storm-b, because you’re conditioning them to super jump, or Sent-A because you’re conditioning them to wavedash respectively), which leads to an air combo which ALWAYS should lead to death. Also, because of all of these options, it gives the other two some different things to play around with. For example Sent/Storm-b fast fly and guard break, Sent/Storm-Y lockdown and resets, and of course Sent/Storm-a relaunch and ground control, and with Storm basically the same stuff with both Sent assists.

DSC cannot employ these options as effectively, but has an alternative as well. By switching Doom to the photons assist, you can cover a lot more, and it also gives you an anti air for when Cable. However, this is not really advised because this will give you a weaker Storm, which is very bad for this team, as it needs all of its parts to function together, when either of the three are on point to win.

I have just explained 4 ways to play DSS, and why DSC cannot do this in the same capacity. Please note, that there are weaknesses to all of them, just make sure you know about them all. Also, if you play this team, I recommend you learn all of the 4 ways. This will help you win more because you don’t have to play this team a certain one way. Also, I recommend checking out the old Doom/Storm/Sent threads in the Doom forum, because they have some good shit up in there. Because of all the possibilities, DSS can take on a lot of things, but only in a different way.

I hope this helps anyone as always.

storm backed with cable will fail… unless you’re japanese and you use team japan and your name is mitsu… then you have a single tracked gameplan, and in reality, although you get wins, you suck.

btw, as for that…

ok guy… let’s see…


Mag = Mag
Storm = Storm
Sent >>>> Psylocke

MSS!!!.. fuckin wrong, MSS gets RUSHED THE FUCK DOWN. I’m all for sentinel, but that’s one match where sentinel gets his tin ass handed to him on a plate and is told have a nice day.