Which team and why? Doom/Storm/Sent VS Doom/Storm/Cable


whatever tho, i still think that storm/cable/doom is better.

maybe not agianst teams like msp, but agianst storm/sentinel/doom, i think SCD comes out on top.

And it is way harder to start Storm on point with Cable/Doom behind her than with Sent/Doom behind her.

Ok you know what…

fuck it im dumb, everyone else knows what they are talking about, and i don’t.


I’m glad you have noticed that.

^ i was waiting for you to say that, and now i have the ultimate comeback of the century…


let’s grow up boys… let’s grow up… forum drama’s about as cool as repping Santhrax in a tournament with scrubs.

as for the YBO… i don’t feel like wasting 4 more minutes to post… but… yeah, i thought it was oro… “why body odor” or somethi like that… Y… B.O.

ok, i’m done