Which template for art?


Hello guys, I am going to be modding my stick here soon and the last thing im looking into now is future artwork for it. I am looking at Arts Hobbies at the moment but I am not sure which template I need. I have a MvC2 TE stick. Im not sure which of the TE stick templates that falls under? Also, I wanted to make sure I understand this…the plexi goes on top of everything right? Was thinking I sandwitch the art between the plexi and the old metal back, am I wrong on this? Any other tips/tricks I may need to know would also be a big help. Thanks in advance, laters.


You must be new and yes, you use the TE Template.

Go here next time:

Also refrain from double thread posting and try to delete your other thread which is an exact duplicate of this one.


Hiya, thanks for the reply. I didn’t know that it double posted on me, the first few times I tried to post my thread the SRK servers timed out. I’m still not sure which template to use, there seem to be 3 different templates for TE if im reading it right and the list dosnt say which ones for what stick I dont think? I dont know if my version is round 1, extended or full panel?


Also, how do I delete my other thread? I found the thread but am unsure how to remove it. Sorry if its obvious…I looked in the menus and around the page the threads on and didnt notice anything.


Read the information on art’s site. All templates are for your stick, but it depends on which plexi you order.


If you didn’t do anything with your stick and it still has the bezel on it, it should just be the Round 1 TE Template.

Extended are for people who want to remove the bezel from their stick and Full is also the same but is compatible with the TE-S sticks.

This information is listed on Art’s site and it would have been greatly appreciated if you would have just read the info on the products and FAQ.


Ok, I have read through pretty much everything on Arts site, I’m guessing I either missed something or just didn’t take it the way it was meant, but I didn’t see an answer to my question exactly. I’m guessing I missed it since 2 people have told me it’s there, I dont know. Either way you have answered my question, thanks. Im sorry for bothering you guys.


No problem.

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