Which template is best? (HRAP 3)

I’m trying to choose which artwork I’m going to use for my HRAP 3 that’s on the way, but I have three templates and they’re a bit different.

One is from Tek-Innovations, which Art asks customers to use in orders, another is from this site - by d3v, I believe. The turbo box is an actual rectangle, as opposed to Art’s turbo box with rounded corners. The outlines are slightly different as well. And another one I think I found here too. But on opening in Photoshop, it’s much smaller than the others, yet has more layer/outline options.

Which template best conforms to the HRAP 3? What template did you use?

Ether Dev’s or Arts template is fine.

Dev’s Guide area is a little on the small side, but you want some bleed area or space where the art extends a slight bit.
Anyways when you go for print, you want the button layer turned off (or when you flatten the image or convert the file to a non-photoshop file type), which include the spot for the joystick opening and the guide area, so the differences between D3v’s and Arts template do not matter.

Also never bet on the Button holes and your case the guide area and such on a template as the art and buttons never line up 100% when you go to print.

Either mine or Art’s is fine.

The other template lying around that I know of is a lower quality 200DPI one. Any art done on that won’t look as nice.