Which to buy? HORI Fighting Edge or new MadCatz SFxT Pro CROSS?


I’m saving up money to get myself a brand new stick.

I’ve gotten kinda tired of using my old Tatsunoko VS CAPCOM Wii stick with MAYFLASH converter, and want to upgrade to a higher level.

The two choices I narrowed it down to are those, or possibly that dual-mod Qanba or whatever it’s called, if the price sounds reasonable.

So yeah, my question is, which one do you guys think I should get? I’m mainly a PS3 player for the most part, just to point out.



Hori FE is abotu $200, the Pro sticks are $100 if you catch them on sale, which there is a very good chance (I dont remember if confirmed, but it has been implied) they will be on sale during Evo next weekend.
FE uses Hori’s new buttons and sticks. Pro sticks used the ubiquitous Sanwa parts.
FE has more bling with the touch panel, trim LEDs and button remapping.
FE is larger and heavier, Pro is a lighter, more portable stick.

IMHO, I dont think the FE has enough extra to warrant the added $100.


Alright, from the SFxT stick and the Qanba dualmod stick, which is the better of these two?

In terms of button feel and stuff, I really really liked the stock TvC stick, just to point out on my comfort levels. But I don’t mind a stick being larger at all by any means.


Parts are the same. The case is bigger in the Qanba, but feels less solid than the MadCatz ones, but that may be just a subjective thing. If it has a handle on it, that Qanba handles look like ass, but are so damned convenient to have. Im not a fan of the start button on the face that the Qanbas have, but that’s personal preference. The Qanbas also have the felt on the bottom which is nice, but $2 at a craft store will take care of that on any stick.
In the PS3+Xbox360 console support is a major focus, get the Qanba. If the Xbox360 support wasnt a big concern, I’d get the Pro because of the better layout, better support for modding, and more solid case. (Im a very tactile kinda guy, the feel is pretty important to me)



Thank you for the input and information.

So far, I’m 99% looking towards getting the SFxT stick. I seen one of them at my local EB Games, and it’s always tempted me to getting it since the game’s launch date.

My guess is that no one else has gotten it by now, seeing how their stock of WWE Brawl and TvC Sticks are still there, too. And those have been there for almost a year now.


I should also mention that Im a very big fan of the VS series of sticks. On sale, they’re $140, and the case is awesome. Same parts and electronics as the Pro, but the cord compartment is bigger, and the entire case is made for crazy personalization if you want to get to tricking it out. It’s a little heavier than the Pro, but very solid. By comparison, the Pro is more of a lightweight travel stick. Between the Pro and the VS, I think the VS makes a better ‘This is my one stick’ than the Pro, and blows the bejesus out of the Qanba in everything but the Xbox360 support.


Markman did say there was going to be a EVO sale for the V.S. sticks and I believe Pro Sticks just like the CEO Sale. I’d highly recommend that you pick up either the V.S. stick or Pro Stick on that sale. Hard to beat the price for what it’s really worth.


Toodles is it possible to put a TE Kitty in the Fightstick Pro? I’d like a portable stick and would love to place a TE Kitty in one of these $100 units.


TE Kitty is compatible with both the Pro and VS sticks but they require some degree of dremeling to make them fit properly.




I’d lean towards the VS although I have an art theme idea that would work nicely on the Pro FightStick.

But yeah, the VS has so many nice mod possibilities and a nice solid-looking case.
After that stick, I like the SC V Noir stick the best of the new joysticks introduced this year.

The Fighting Edge might be nice as a conversation piece BUT I think it has some support issues and may end up being a one-time experiment for Hori… We’ll see.
It does look like Hori WILL continue using the SC V Noir case-style for the time being… They announced their third Noir variant, the DOA 5 joystick, not long ago…