Which to get?

I’m new to using special controllers in any game. I heard that using a fightstick or fightpad drastically improves your game. What is my best option within the $20 range? I don’t have a preference, stick over pad, but I do use an analog stick as-of now. I don’t care if it is from soulcaliber, tekken, street fighter, what ever, but it needs to be compatible with PS3 (PS2 would be nice, too.) Any suggestions?

For $20 all you can really do is get one of these: http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=73044

But even then you’ll have to find a cheaper one. The SE stick might be another option, but it’s also a bit over your price limit… I think Dell had them for $30 ish? The SE stick is made with crappy parts, but hopefully along the line when you get more funds you’ll be able to update it with good parts.

$20 isnt gonna get you anything for the PS3, maybe at best a used controller, but those are hard to find at $20.

Nothing on amazon, ebay, or any of those? Are they all bad?

Uhhhh what do you mean exactly?

Are there any controllers that have good quality (Within reason) on any websites whatsoever?


You have 30 minutes. Good luck.