Which to Practice for Arcade


Quick opinion question; I’m going to be spending a few months in Japan this summer and want to take advantage of the Japanese arcades. The thing is, 1) my game is terrible, and 2) the arcade versions of games are not what we have at home. So I was wondering, should I spend the time until I leave practicing SSFIV, BBCS, or just say screw it all and keep mashing Marvel?

Basically, which arcade version most resembles the home version. Truth be told, I have access to Arcade UFO (Austin, Tx) which has SSFIV:AE, but I don’t like the idea of spending my rent money on feeding quarters to a machine to lose. :sweat:


Is MvC3 even in arcades in JP? If it is at all, then I’m sure it’s identical to the console version.

As for BBCS/SSF4, either or really, both have some MAJOR balance changes and new characters to deal with in their arcade counterparts, so really whichever you enjoy more I’d say.


Just go over their and play for fun, even old businessmen will rape your ass. I know because it happened to me, he even had his legs crossed smoking a cigarette.

Playing in Japan, is not going to make your game better if you suck. Do not practice anything to go over there, just play your game.


Haha, maybe I should clarify. The trip to Japan is to hang with a friend who’s letting me crash in his guest-room for a few months, not so I can try to be the next JWong. Fun in an arcade for me though isn’t mashing stuff out, I want to at least be competent and would prefer to dedicate myself to being okay in one than scrub in a few. More an efficiency of work kind of question.


How can you afford a trip to Japan if you can’t afford to play a couple bucks of games at a local arcade?


I can’t say anything about sfiv but quite a few characters can be practiced in BBCS that play very similarly in CSII (Jin, Lambda, Makoto, Tager…).


What I’m telling you is, that is doesn’t matter how much you practice, somebody will beat you. You can beat some people, but you still will get beat. If you are as terrible as you say, I think practice isn’t going to help you anyway, if you have bad habits and poor execution.:sweat:

Everybody in Japan isn’t Daigo, but if you go to those arcades that they go to, you will get murked. Play whatever you want, don’t play so you can be on some Japanese level that doesn’t exist.

I was there is 2006, and I have read there isn’t as many arcades as then, but there still will be beginner arcades and expert arcades.


just play & try to learn/have some fun.


Uh, aren’t you going to lose even more money at japanese arcades?