Which top tier character takes the least skill to use/win with

It’s just as the title says. Note that I’m only counting top tiers from the following games: ggxx/ggxx #r, cvs2, mvc2, 3s, A3, ST, and T5.

So far, I think 3s Ken takes the least skill to use as he can combo off his shippu in almos every way (despite the shitty damage), isn’t meter dependant unlike the other top tiers, has the best cross-up in the game, has the required priority, his fast walking speed allows him to do walk back and forth cr. mk xx super, he lacks nothing.

At lower levels of play, I’d say 3S chun… learn combo into super, and HP abuse. Also CvS2 Sagat… same deal.

But once you take on people who know what they’re doing… ehhh… :confused:


= K.O. bitches

Way to read.

I posted otherwise.

Cable == All Health Vanish Beam.

I taught guys who have never played ANY vs games in their lives. They picked it up within half an hr. With AHVB, u can defeat random scrubs.

And although this is OT:

Roberto from Projus. Simple combo takes of 1/3 or more. Wtf…

I voted CvS2 Sagat. I learned how to play him like everyone else does in about five minutes.

It took awhile to have a competent Chun and Ken that wasn’t just random crap/cr. mk xx super.

I don’t get how CvS2 blanka isn’t on there. RC Electricity will make you good at cvs2 instantly


The trophy goes to Cable.

3S chun is TT no doubt but you can’t just throw out random shit or you’ll get raped. I’d say SFII guile is the easiest to play against newbs because the throwfucking possibilities are endless with him.

huh? mvc2 was in the games listed


What about Jin from T4? It’s just do JFLS and you win.

I think Chun is more easy to play whit her, but ken is more “familiar”

C-Cammy is brain dead easy. Just hold Forward and S.HP (auto-throw) and S.RK, and C.HP and most characters have a hard time. Oh and wake Cannon Spike and lk spiral Arrow and you’ve pretty much master novice Cammy.

At least with Cable you actually have to learn the AHVB. :rofl:

Voted Ken… he’s too basic, and anyone can pick him up quickly (not as broken as Cable, but still).

And Zato (or Eddie -_- ) shouldn’t be in that poll. Sure, he’s Rank S in #R, but he’s also the hardest character to use.

word :tup: Cable’s AHVBX3 is SO fuckin broken. :rofl: :lol: Even his old school combo, short short, fierce X4XXjab Viper beam XX hyper viper beam does like around 85-90 damage and a DHC to Ironman Proton cannon will take off like around 130 damage total… the damage on cable’s super is just too much… :rofl: :lol:

Cable. No question. i hate using him, but his hyper viper beam is too powerful to ignore. Took me 1 match to get the hang of him. (I’m not good with him, but I can still beat the computer with him.

3S can be used by anyone who is brain dead…

get supers, crouching MK into super. walk around till u get more supers and do it again. anyone can use her (O_O)

Quoted for emphasis. You think Slayer and Eddie are easy. Pick them up without any hints and see how quickly you get destroyed. For the longest time I only thought Slayer to be good because of his high defense/damage.

A3 Sakura? :wtf:

I need help with that one… :confused: