Which track is this?



What is the name of the first track?


It’s Balrog’s SFII theme.


Ah yeah Balrogs theme!!! But this is not the SF II version, it sounds different and I want this version :slight_smile:


Yup. The Arranged version from SF2 Anniversary Collection.



God, op…go play some of the older, non-cash-run sf games, instead of this hastily thrown-together crap.


Thanks man :tup:


I’m now listening to the original version now.

I can see the lights, Vegas, Playboy Bunnies, cash, Ken and ‘Rog smashin’ it out on that stage… the memories of SFII.


Remember some people weren’t around back in the day to play the classics.


I bought Street Fighter II when it came out on SNES, but don’t know what it got to do with me asking about which track this is? :slight_smile:
There’s so many versions of each characters stage and I just wanted to know this version.