Which Troll Site is better, Encyclopedia Dramatica or 4chan?

I visited both of these sites which are the most popular of troll sites on the web. I find Encyclopedia Dramatica to better as they have a pretty good forum and some of the info pages are hilarious. 4chan gets old after like ten minutes as you’ll keep seeing the same topics and memes posted all the time.

4chan is the asshole of the internet, and I thought that other site was some retarded wiki site wtf?

Sounds like you answered your own question.

There’s a difference between trolling a forum and just being a troll 24/7, going to a place to meet like-minded trolls, maybe set up some troll dating service, meet the troll-bitch of your dreams (spoiler: she’s fat), have a couple troll children and they repeat the cycle…I mean at some point you might as well kill yourself.

But Encyclopedia Dramatica has some funny shit on it.

Even though all the articles on ED are supposed to be meant for trolling, some of the articles do say truth.


Hey MVC2FAN15, can you stop starting stupid ass threads? Thanks.

SRK is the best troll site because it has quality posters like MVC2Fan15.

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The former gets boring after a few minutes of continuous groaning and trying to force it out, but the latter keeps me on the toilet all throughout the day while still being divided into quick bouts of dumping that aren’t ever drawn out.

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SJ and Warpy are stars indeed.

I remember that wiki site, the page about ConceptArt is pretty funny.

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Yeah, I’d be annoyed too if someone was speaking the truth about me being a retard.

4 chan
-lacks substance,
-Too many try-hards. People want to be memes so badly.

+Has pornography
+Semi useful Rapidshare/megaupload directory.

Encyclopedia Dramatica
+Good article length
+Not so full of itself
+Not really responsible for unfunny memes and pictures for lazy posters who can’t come up with anything clever to say, so they just use a picture of a cat with “O RLY” or something on it.

-Also a lot of not very funny articles
-Is a wiki, thus making it harder to troll anyone who isn’t a total idiot.

Tv tropes is a better time waster than both
The onion has quality trolls too.

This is what is called a false dichotomy.

The discussion of poop is a multifaceted beast.

the ones that come out fast, stink to the heavens, and looks like a brain