Which TV should I get?

So my birthday is Friday, and I’ve got quite a bit of extra money lying around and was thinking about treating myself.

But I’m a total n00b when it comes to Tv’s and HDTV and all that. Right now, I want decent but cheap. Any opinions on which of these would be better?

(shown outside of woot here: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8114541&type=product&id=1158318442758&ref=06&loc=01 )

http://www.vizio.com/products/detail.aspx?pid=19 (plasma)

http://www.vizio.com/products/detail.aspx?pid=10 (LCD)

I know none of these are creme of the crop brands, but thoughts or opinons would be apprecaited (epsecially before midnight tonight regarding the woot deal :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’d pick the lcd over the plasma so you don’t have to worry about burn-in.
If you’re open to other suggestions, I’d recommend looking at DLP tvs.

From the HDTV sticky:

I suggest you read that post and thread if your new to hdtv’s

And if your not talking about a tv for gaming, your probably on the wrong forum to begin with =P

Ah, thanks for the correction^^
In that case, I’d go for the lcd.

Please take notice, the Westinghouse you have linked on woot.com is a different model than the one you linked on BestBuy.

woot = LVM-42w2
BB = W4207

The W4207 does not support 1080p, it only goes up to 1366 x 768 which is definitely not good enough.

I personally own a LVM-42w2 and use it as my main PC monitor, as well as gaming monitor for XBOX 360 - and it is simply the best LCD monitor you can buy at this price range.

DO NOT hesistate to buy a LVM-42w2, it’s nothing but amazing! I got it super cheap as well (from BB Canada) and I can’t recommend this monitor enough.

If you’re using it primarily for gaming, this is what you want.

Edit: In your post you say none of the monitors are “cream of the crop” or top brands, but to the best of my knowledge after a certain size, there’s only a small number of manufacturers actually making LCDs, and they are distributing their product to all the different companies and putting their brand name on them. So even though Westinghouse - as a brand name - isn’t as big as Sony, Sharp, Panasonic…etc, that’s not to say the LCD is any better or worse.

The Westinghouse is a bare-bones MONITOR, meaning, to save cost and to provide the best quality LCD available, you do not get a HDTV or even an standard def tv tuner, the remote is as basic as it gets, and it does not include any cords other than the power cord. What you do get is a premium quality LCD screen at a huge savings.

If you are going to play a lot of old school games, I wouldn’t buy an HDTV. I can feel a slight lag on any type of HDTV with 480i/480p games.


This may be true, I haven’t personally noticed any lag when using my SNES and Genesis on my Westinghouse, however, I simply don’t like the way they look on HDTV, and I keep a regular 32" TV specifically for old systems.

Oh okay cool. Somehow guess I brain farted and skipped the HDTV thread >_<


Thanks for the tip. I decided to ultimately just wait on all of it until I move into the new house and really see how much more space I’m going to have to play with. There will always be deals to be found.

I did, however learn a lot about HDTV and whatnot, so thanks for the input.

Oh, and for anyone that might care. I also found this:
1199.99 - $400 + free shipping. (refurbed though)


Prices will continue to drop. No harm in waiting.

DO hesitate to buy anything made by westinghouse. Their implementation of HDCP is broken (wont work correctly w/ a PS3), and their customer service is utter crap. This is from personal experience . . .

if you buy anything less than a 40" 720P is the best picture you can see. 40"+ i would go with 1080P

There are “handshaking” issues between Westinghouse HDTVs and the PS3 via HDMI, however, this is easily correct by using an HDMI to DVI adaptor, and the problem is solved.

As for customer support - I can’t say anything from experience because my TV has been nothing but great. However, after following the main LVM-42w2 thread on AVS forums, everyone who contacted Westinghouse with issues either had a tech dispatched to thier house, or have had Westinghouse replace their set.

Nothing wrong with that. Maybe explain your issues in greater detail?

I’m thinking of buying this HDTV. http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/productDetail.do?oid=147206&linkid=j13774608k31063&affiliateid=k31063&mid=

I’ve checked the AVS forums and it seems to be a great HDTV. Have any of you guys had any experiences with this tv?

I have a sony wega 32" SD tv, and it has some of the worst geometry of any tube television i’ve ever used. Like looking in a funhouse mirror. Def the last sony TV I ever buy.


Out of the three choices you put, I’d probably lean to the Plasma. Since your choices were another Visio and a Westinghouse, I’m sure the Plasma should have less lag, improved black levels and higher contrast (and it’s cheaper).

With the adoption rate of HDTVs and the maturity and pitfalls of the differing technologies, it’s probably better to wait if money is hard to come by.

Are you speaking from personal experience, ie have a ps3 hooked up via dvi with NO issues? Because the DVI route would only handshake 1/10 times on mine, and when it did, there would often be graphical glitches (ie certain shade of white showing up as green).

I spent well over 2 weeks arguing with Westinghouse customer support about the issue; they kept blaming it on sony even though I had tested the ps3 on other tvs. I finally returned it to the store.

It’s possible they’ve gotten better customer service since then, but I will never buy another westinghouse product, and would never recommend them to anyone.

Not through personal experience, just by reading AVS forums:


Apparently by putting HDMI-DVi @ DVI 2 connection, it solves the handshaking issues.

I believe it also depends greatly on which firmware you have. If you have older firmware, you can have a tech come out and upgrade your sets FW version.

I have FW 1.0, which isn’t supposed to have issues.

I only own a 360, not PS3.