Which type of solder do you use?

Does anyone have a recommendation on the type of solder to use? I’m going to be using an old PSX Dual Shock for my joystick PCB. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


The one with the flux core.

Thanks Canto

Don’t forget to get yourself educated!


And remember to always practice!

Awesome video. This will be a great start. I’m also doing this project under the guidance of someone who has successfully built an arcade joystick for MAME. Hopefully he will be able to help me with the soldering.

Thanks again.

Here you go. $5 at RadioShack and lasts forever.

Thanks for the vid.

Just FYI just in case, usually the stuff with flux in it is labelled as “rosin core.” It is the same thing, the rosin is the flux; it makes the solder runnier and thus easier to work with once it liquifies. It sucks to read up about what you want and go out to the store and then end up scratching your head trying to figure out which one you want anyway.

Depending on how much you’ll be soldering and how much you care about your health, some people say that working with lead-free solder is better for you. By the time you can smell the melting smell, I think theoretically you’re already inhaling metallic vapour. I’m sure it’s only trace amounts at most but I suppose it probably doesn’t take a lot to affect you in some way. Lead-free solder tends to be sliiiightly more expensive. I guess it’s the electronics equivalent of organic vegetables.

One thing I do to get the vapors (the obviously visable ones) away from me while soldering is whistling while I work. Literally. It blows the smoke away and is entertaining. lol

:lol: I am a pro whistler. I imagine my lady would smack me though after a few minutes.

If I get lung cancer it’s going to be from soldering rather than smoking. I need to work in a more ventilated area. :bluu:

Thanks for the tip. I would definitely be that guy scratching his head in the middle of Radio Shack getting weird looks from everyone.

^ Haha. RadioShack is a block over from my house and I walk over there all of the time. I’m pretty much known as the guy who buys random shit.