Which Ultra do you use the most right now?

As the thread title implies, which Ultra have you found yourself using more of right now? With the U2 nerf, have you found yourself using U1 more than you did in Super? Are you still using U2 in the majority of your match-ups? Or do you simply use both Ultras about evenly?

Personally for me, I’ve been using both Ultras about evenly. I do use U1 in more match-ups than I did in Super. What about you?

Well, I’m gonna say U2 and anton’s going to say U1 lol. We’re pretty adamant on our views.
The ONLY matches I’m sure I’d use U1 are Gief, Hawk, Blanka. I’m still iffy on honda, and sagat.

U2 has like a billion throw gimmicks. It’s not very good against smart players but the shittier ones will press a lot of buttons.

U1 most of the time. I use U2 on characters that have quick jumps, ways to stall their jumps, or ways to just get around fireballs. U2 on these:

Ryu (Can usually keep up with Rose in fireballs, shouldn’t be jumping. May be wrong.)
Guile (Can somewhat keep up in the fireball match and doesn’t have a bad jump.)
Vega (Wall dives)
Sagat (Beats the living shit out of Rose in fireball wars, also shouldn’t be jumping too much.)
M.Bison (Head stomp)
C.Viper (Burn kicks, super jump, seismos)
El Fuerte (just complete bullshit)
Akuma ( EX tatsu, air fireballs)
Gouken (Tatsu)
Dan (Dankuukyaku, taunt)
Dee Jay (Jump stalling)
Ibuki (Super jumps, kunais, EX neckbreaker)
Oni (Air dash)

I might be missing stuff/just plain wrong though!

Need I say more when people already know my views?

U2 is ass. You use it where U1 is practically unusable.

I’ve been using U2 to help put the momentum of the match in Rose’s side, I like to throw a spark before activating it. But I don’t know how viable it is because when I play against REALLY good players they seem to be very adept at stuffing it, making it a total waste.

U2 is mostly for 50/50s on wake up; an Oki move.

Since the hitbox is so small, most characters can just attack through your offense, and even if you block, you’re left in block stun and you do 50 damage to the opponent which isn’t really that big of deal.

It’s not good anymore in hindsight, but I like it a lot in like Viper match up lol.

I’m too lazy to record all of my gimmicks and little tricks with the orbs. They mostly involve baits, tick throws, and corner traps. One of the these days I will. I just like corner pressure with U2 more overall. Though I feel U1 gives Rose a much better comeback.

I don’t use too many gimmicks. Rose is a solid fundamentalist character. That’s why the scarefactor is good enough; it helps them stay on the ground where Rose excels.

I use U1 for many of the same reasons as Anton. It is also a great OS ultra.

Started with Vanilla and mostly missed Super, so Shamwow.

Been experimenting with orbs to see where they work though.

U1 all the time now, i dont even think about U2 anymore. U1 is like vanilla again, being able to be inv thru a ton of stuff and catch people. But still a major risk vs reward ultra.

After being thrown out of U2 whens its out, hit out of it, stuffed etc… only thing i see useful now is a chip for a win after you knock someone down. And most of the time a spiral or spark will get you the chip for the win so no need for it.

I do miss being able to juggle with it tho, that made rose a lot of fun poping it out and being able to soul throw someone in the air. Now its becoming vanilla boring again but i can stop playing her.

i use both U2 and U1.

U2 to activate when im going against a rushdown type opponent to give me some space and short planning time. Also for comboing and just the 1 gimmick i use. Is to air reset u2, slide under wait or meatie to get extra damage.

U1 to mainly catch jumpers and people with fireballs. I also have u1 for spacing as well give or take that i have enough life to do so.

My example take on O/S U1; >.>

Yeah, I used Chun Li because I always Chun Li for option selecting when I’m just testing :P.

If you have any suggestions on what I should do, feel free just to ask me so I can like abide to your request haha.

If you would like to see anything done is what I mean.

I like U1 a lot, it works against most of the 3f DPers because I can catch fireballs and stuff, but I like it for non-jump alters, and stuff like that. I like U2 against Viper though; even if O/S U1 shuts down all of her true wake up options (HP DP, EX Seismo, LK Burn Kick).

And in my video, you can alternate between the hp and hk; it’s just a matter on who hk whiffs on or if hp hits, y’know? >>

Rose can you show the inputs of both players? helps me a bit more to see what rose is doing exactly.

I cannot; it is in training mode; but I’ll show you the inputs when I get home later today ;].

I think asking people which ultra they prefer is like asking people if they’d prefer having diarrhea or kidney stones, lol.

Ultra 1 is really good in a lot of matches though, IMO. :confused: Some people just cannot fucking get in if you’re choosing your sparks correctly. I think it got neglected a little too much in Super with how good U2 was.

i could never land U1 in super like i could in vanilla. Even on ryu FBs in vanilla i would be able to get a u1 off and connect to him while in super same spacing, same sets U1 never landed in super. With AE and U1 getting that inv frame back (i think its a inv frame) it feels the same as vanilla gain and i am able to connect it easier.

For damage, flexibality and most importantly style points, U1.

Dance bitch…

I only use U1 since AE, and I can land it more than you’d expect in matches.