Which Ultra do you use the most?

personally i go with U1

Such a hard question. I know that is a lot of debate about this. I think it depends on the person you are against. Depending on thier mind set, you may find one better than the other.

Personally, I actually hit U1 A LOT. I do a lot of safe jump mix ups on knock down, and many players try to reversal to on get up to get out. They are typically scared of the empty jump> 360/720 on get up or safe jump > splash mix up. They’ll often try to reversal the jump in. Most AA’s will whiff the jump (Ryu’s DP for example), and I punish with the 720 on their landing recovery frames. (:df::d::db::mk: [locks you in position] :l::ub:> :360: + :lp::mp::hp:).

Don’t get me wrong, this alone does not mean the U1 is better. Several places in the forums, there are some great U2 strategies. However, this U1 set up works for me in many safe jump situations.