Which Ultra Is Looking Better?

I’m really loving Ultra 1 (his grab) it does so much insane damage. And Ultra 2 is a challenge to hit. But I wanted to know what the pros think.

I like U1 better, even when you anticipate a jump really well U2 seems to whiff a lot. U1 does great damage and isn’t very tough to set up.

Looks: U2.
Function: U1.

I like U2 and REALLY trying to make it work for me. It does whiff a lot though.

U1 feels kind of like a waste to a degree with the ease and at which T Hawk builds and holds onto his meter (I’m almost always ending up getting to a full Super bar unless I have to EX spire thru fireballs), but U2 just seems impossible to land and even harder to do on reaction to something, so double 720s it is.

U1 for sure. U2 is so damn strict to make it practical.

Now if it was Hakan’s AA U2… we have a different story. That thing is insanely good. Insanely.

I told S-kill/Seth about this, and he just seemed to ignore it. Only time I will pick U2 is if I have my opponent “psychologically jumping”. Meaning, I have him jump after such moves like Condor Spire, wake up or a blocked FA, since he is expecing a 360 (50/50 guessing game). BUT, he can Jump u/f - cross up and this is where U2 will whiff majority of the time.

U1 wins. Esp online when people are trying links and you just mash out that 720, heh.

I’ve found that U2 is good when you have walked someone into the corner and then try to jump out. It just kinda holds them down.

It works well on Bison too.

you can force scrubs to eat U2. just keep throwing out st.mp and st.rh when they approach. then they’ll jump and BAM–they eat one of the angriest looking ultras in the game. it really does look a lot better. seems like you have to catch people high in their jump though, almost as if hawk needs the travel time… my guess is it’s only active after a certain point–like abel’s u1 only hits on the last frame or whatever.

This speaks so much about SFIV’s gameplay it’s like a mural! :lol:

ultra 2. ** for sure **

I like u1 a lot. Pure unadulterated damage. And yeah u2 could make them afraid to jump in. but I dont feel I need the aa support.

you seem like you know what you’re doing based on your posts in other t hawk threads, in what situations do you land U2 that makes you think it’s better? I haven’t really been able to do well with it but I haven’t tried it all that much.

Speaking for myself, I think both ultras will show their uses in separate match-ups. Match-ups where it’s hard for T. Hawk to get in, U2 might be better since it doesn’t require you to be close. Or maybe you’ll want U1 instead because you’d rather have that big damage right away when you get the opportunity.

I’m only speaking off of maybe 20 or so games against sub par competition though. My copy doesn’t get in until tomorrow, and even then I won’t be playing anybody worth a damn until Saturday night. Finals week being the same week as SSF4 is no bueno :frowning:

In about 2 - 3 jab spd mixups, you have the damage of Ultra 1. People jump back against T.hawk ALL the time. Lets say this, low forward, buffer one hcb, wait, if they jump back u2, they backdash, st.rh, otherwise 360.

I had a feeling early on that u2 would be uniquely useful, even though there are lots of posts and vids that do in fact show it whiffing.

U2 is just difficult to use effectively, it won’t hit grounded opponents and is very touchy when other people get close to the ground. And while I can do it decently on reaction I’m amazed at how often the thing flat out whiffs by what looks to be a few pixels. You basically have to set-up the U2 which is something I wasn’t expecting to be forced to do.

I think alot of people just wont jump in on a grounded T-Hawk with u2. Thats a victory in its own sense but Im not sure that its really that helpful in this case.

I think U2 is total garbage because of their intentional or unintentional gutting of it’s hitbox.

I’ve used it with a smug smirk when people telegraphed a jumpin and it completely whiffed - it was the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen. I even got punished afterwards.

I’m liking U1 more mainly because it’s easier to land. If there’s something I’m missing about U2, someone please tell me.