Which version as Guile should serve as the base in the next revision



Sorry, I didn’t know how to word the title. Well we already know what’s wrong with Guile in this game. However, the other day I was playing SF Anniversary Edition on my emulator. I picked World Warrior Guile and played against the computer. It’s been awhile since I really messed with the ancient version of Guile, but he has a few things that I would love to see SF4 Guile get in the next revision.

WW Guile has a sick standing jab, almost retarded.  Never noticed this until recently.  But his jab is very fast and has incredibly range in that game.

Standing roundhouse had incredible range and did very good damage. Honestly this WAS a very good anti-air in earlier games. It’s amazing how it’s nearly useless in SF4. I would be willing to see this move become Godlike again and lose the juggle property.

Close standing mk is an antiquated poke, but I thought it was nice.  It would be nice to see it make a comeback.

SF4 Guile is heavily influenced by ST Guile with the addition of his standing roundhouse from old games (replaced with the command df.RK).  Seriously, I don't care about the flashkick losing some of it's retarded properties.  Guile has far more anti airs to compensate.

Also, Guile’s damage in WW was pretty draw droppiing. In SF AE, he isn’t amongst the top (none of the WW characters are except for WW Dhalsim). So I think something more inspired by Guile WW design would fit well into the SFIV system. Obviously WW Guile was too overpowering in his original game, but I think there are more mechanics at work here to stop him from becoming a broken God tier character.

While I do like the current SF4 Guile (he’s a good character just really nerfed in the damage department), incorporating some of the things that made WW Guile so powerful could possibly make Guile a more complete character.

So what do you guys think. Do you think a buff based on Guile’s older versions (making him a hybrid of SF2 and super SF2 Guile) would be too overpowering? Or do you think the SFIV system could balance it out?


damage upgrade would be nice


damage and a useful ultra.


lol bring Charlie back from the dead and let Guile go to a desk job… or making him WW Guile again.


IMO, the only useful addition to Guile’s arsenal since WW has been the Rolling Sobat, and even that’s negligible. So I say either make him dish as much damage as before, or take less damage. To answer the question, I don’t think a hybrid would be too overpowering but frankly I don’t care if it is; I’ve eaten Sagat’s Ultra long enough.

Oh and I want the FK’s retarded properties back, thanks.


base it off of cvs2 guile. Then we got some good competition :slight_smile:


Hell yes! I’ll take it.:lovin:


A second coming of WW Guile?

God help us.

Even I, an avid Guile user, wouldn’t dare unleash that kind of power on the world again.

Not for anything.

(Goes and hides under bed).


Up priority and reduce ridiculous amount of recovery on flashkick

Introduce new ultras, or fix the old one…i’d like to see sonic hurricane

Anything they do…it’ll be welcome really, unless for some reason it’s yet another nerf


pretty much what TDeneka said CvS2 Guile


How about Flash Explosion + Sonic Hurricane? :lovin:

After the “Swipe”/“Strike”, opponent will juggle and Guile lands Sonic Hurricane when they about to reach ground


I think the SF4 version should serve as the base for the next version… I dunt wunt nun crummy sprites messin up dis game.

And I was thinking it’d be great if Guile’s “target combo” c.MK->f.MP (overhead) could combo into something else like the knee bazooka or sobat (either forward or away). y’all realize how sick that would be? I don’t know if those attacks have combo’d in the past, but I think they deserve something better than being a poke. especially the knee bazooka. almost only good to maintain a boom charge, and that’s really not good enough to me.

Also I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d still love to see df.HK be able to combo into the ultra or at least a normal flash kick. they could maybe even change the charge input for the ultra to CHARGE:d::r::l::d: or CHARGE:d::l::r::d: so that on the df.HK you wouldn’t be breaking the charge which would help Guile live up to his name. Really.


tbh, i dont think they need to focus on another base or anything like that. If anything, I think the hybrid would be best. they just need to make proper tweaks. the reason guile is bad is because his shit doesnt serve its purpose. fk is supposed to be an anti air, not < jumping rh

i think setting up juggle off of cr. fierce would be nice too. buffing ultra as well. i was thinking making guiles ultra like abel/gouken/ where he jus does a normal fk but if it hits, the WHOLE ultra hits as cinematic. if it doesnt, he does 3 slow ass fks.



Ultra cancels off of punch combos :smiley:


And FK is a projectile!:bgrin:


i said pretty much the same thing in a different thread. if the ultra’s first hit is a clean hit, he does the normal ultra. if not, he does the Double Flash instead. my logic behind it is, double flash is better on juggles, better for chip damage, and less punishable.

then, you have space to use the Sonic Hurricane for the super.


@OP: Which version of Guile… no biggie though

I wouldn’t mind seeing…

Guile get
-an air dash #vSF style, given how they made C.Viper, it could work.
-a semi launching cr.hp like Abel (or full launch on counter) with a solid follow up option; maybe Back Fist.
-Back Fist gets push back effect on counter hit (and maybe enough stun for a safe avoidable SB) or air born foes.
-add MvC AA projectile to SF4’s Ex.FK
-lp SB could be a good lead in for combos with semi great recovery (low dmg)
-hp SB could be a good follow up for combos (guile FB war > FB ken) with fair recovery (high dmg)
-add SFA3 lvl.1 sonic hurricane (w/ push back effect) to SF4’s Ex.SB

new Ultra as a Sonic Hurricane w/ vacuum effect (…and travels half screen) catches air foes.
… almost like Dhalsim Ultra and different from his current super.

The Ultra FK that Hazank0 & Poochie! mention is a great fix to the current one.

I’m of the impression Guile’s FK and SB should be versatile enough in game not to need alternative dmg specials. Frankly, that’s what Deejay was for.

*disclaimer: I do have a wish list special though if Deejay is a perma-ban…
*Cody’s criminal upper as AA and anti-FB
Cyclopse’s dash flurry and dash tackle as 2 in 1 run options


They need to fix Guile’s Flash kick to be anti-crossup weapon.




Looks good to me