which version is better????



ok ok ok i have always said second impact hugo is better than third strike but no one seems to agree with me, thus this thread is created. some of this may be inaccurate due to lack of playing second impact in years, but here’s me best shot.

second impact differences:
-standing jab is bufferable
-standing jab is bufferable into itself up to five times (on most characters)
-low jab is bufferable into itself up to five times (on most characters)
-shootdown backbreaker can be teched
-ultra throw -> clap -> backbreaker doesn’t work
-(in the corner) ultra throw -> clap X 5 and repeat after stun will kill any character
-ass is not an overhead
-have to be closer to do the elbow overhead

third strike differences:
-meat masher
-can kara throw a little bit with standing forward
-can kara leap attack a little bit with standing forward

the five jabs XX hammer frenzy and the clap infinite were what convinced me.

your opinions? comments on hugo’s and/or poison’s color differences? feel free to flame.


Backbreaker is absolute ass in 2i and that makes it really easy to jump around on Hugo. The super-fast short backbreaker is an awesome addition to Hugo’s game in 3s. Meat squasher is also very nice, though not as big of a deal.

2i Hugo does have the infinite, but it’s not hard to stop him from grabbing with the slow ultra throw, especially when you have to be near the corner and know he’s going for it. Jabs into Hammer Mountain is nice, yes. Also, Hugo can do standing Gigas waaaay easier in 2i (it’s hilarious). However, I prefer his better fundamentals in 3s (awesome back breaker, meat squasher, better normals) to his stuff in 2i that requires meter to be much threat.


It’s hard to say which one is better. I’d say they’re just different. As in they have different strengths and weaknesses.

In 2I, he’s more of a combo oriented character, whereas in 3S he’s a zoning character.

What I will say is that it’s easier to win with Hugo in 2I than in 3S, not so much due to how good Hugo is in those games, but really how good the other characters are.

In 2I, Hugo’s only bad matcups are Ibuki, Akuma, and Alex IMO. In 3S, Hugo has bad matchups against pretty much everyone.

argh, I wish 3S Hugo still had the jabX6 XX SA3 combo :frowning:


dont forget u can parry the backbreaker in 2i!
wtf is tat?