Which version of 3rd strike is best -DC,PS2,Xbox or MAME

I would like to know the pros and cons if anyone knows .I think its the best game ever.

I like the NES version of [media=youtube]23NmExnQcMo"[/media].

From whatI heard through the grapevine, the PS2 version is the best.

I’m probably going to pick it up for the DC anyways.

I have the Street Fighter Anniversary that I play BC on my 360 and it works great I play online almost everyday.:woot:

You lie :shake: Whenever you jump to high that causes the screen to go up it lags like crazy. Yun diving kicking, Urien super jump etc. All that stuff causes nastiness. Its still playable though, but its not perfect.

Oh I know! The one in the arcades!

…but…PS2. End.

Mame cuz it is a arcade emulator .

The MAME version should be the closest to the arcade version, considering it is the arcade version being emulated. There may be input lag and other miscellaneous emulation-related issues though. If those end up being an issue, PS2 version.

None of them. There. A different response to a tired old question.

play the fucking ps2 version. is it really this hard to figure out? 9385794387943785 damn “best version” threads. do some damn research