Which version of Geese Howard is better?

Me and my friend was having a conversation about which Geese is better. I play Geese in P-Groove while he plays with Geese in K-Groove…he claims P-Geese is better than K-Geese. He says P-Geese is better because of all the stuff he can do off of one parry of an attack while I say K-Geese is better because of the increased damage, faster guard crushing and mobility he goes while in that groove. So please, if anyone could post about which version of Geese is better and why it’ll put an end to this debate.

You should have posted this in the specific Geese forum. And K Groove is usually regarded as his best. Geese’s Run > Geese’s Dash, and why parry when you can JD fireballs and counter the stuff that matters? Besides, everybody fears a raged R2 Geese and the huge quantity of damage that he can (and probably will) deal. It’s common knowledge that raged Geese kick throw deals about the same damage as a L1 super.

K all day, every day.

K Geese for the win.

because parrys are better than counters, thats why.

I think he means one you get rage ad JD is behind a parry but you still get a chance to counter hopefully

But parries do not fill your bar as fast as JDs, and I prefer counter above JD and parry, as it stops multi-hitting moves AND fills bar in K-Groove.

parrys are still better than counters, no doubt about it.

K by far

he gains less in P than other characters cuz his dash is lame

he also has meter problems and not very intimidating supers (really, how many people consistently AA with rs), he’s a lot more of a rush character than not, and run really helps that

plus, he gains meters for counters, he gains getting smacked by random mids for low parrying a non low in P