Which version of GGXX is going to be used in Evo2003?

AS many ppl know, Sammy has released the Arcade version of
GGXX #Reload in March, and the JPN PS2 version is going to be released on July 31st.

Maybe you guys want to consider of using the GGXX/GGX2 original version or the new Reload Version in Evo2003

I heard from people that Sammy and ASW screwed up the GGXX engine with all their new tweaks, resulting in totally unbalanced gameplay. :confused:

well…it’s really not that bad…

the problem with reload is that it has too many bugs,
including Faust’s infinate combo moves and Robo Ky’s unlimited
tension bar.

other than those bugs, i would say it’s 50-50 compare to the original version. at least reload fixed those unreasonable high damage combos like sol’s dust loop, johnny’s mist finner loop, dizzy’s bubble loop…etc

IMO those corner loops aren’t unreasonable. Sol’s dust loop is the only thing that makes him good and the other loops are punishment for being in the corner.

I mean, really, you’re in the corner against Dizzy? Shame.

To me, those things are way more reasonable than Faust’s infinite and various Robo-Ky problems.

(Most unreasonable would be Slayer. But hey, I can manage.)

GGXX, Tekken 4, TTT, VF4, and SC2 will be on PS2.

We may switch them to arcade for the finals, but want input from the players before making that decision.

So no Reloaded for GGXX.

I’d just as soon assume they’ll use the original version, since # Reload is basically nowhere to be found in North America (to my knowledge, at least…)

EDIT: There ya go, there’s your answer right above my post. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would think it would be a bigger announcement than that =P.

Lets switch capcom over to DCs, 29.99 used at EB, we can have round robin CvS2 at that price =P… ok, maybe not.

We actually considered doing that, but quickly came to the conclusion that there would be rioting.

The 3D game players are used to playing tournaments on console, which is why we made the decision to go with PS2.

XX IS ON PS2!!! shiiiiiiiiiit.:smiley: Great news.

We should have GGXX on ps2 cuz we don’t have an arcade machine over here so we never played on arcade layout on the buttons. That shit is gonna mess me up to switch em around on the arcade.

Don’t know why the PS2 version didn’t keep the same button arrangement as the arcade. Now I can’t compete.



For tekken games they should be on console too many people play on pad and jap sticks to make it fair ot make everyone play on american sticks (im assuming its gonna be american). this might be the same for the rest of the 3d games but i dunno, i would say put ggxx the arcade version if u guys can get hold of those cabinets.

I dun see why tekken would matter were as something like XX wouldnt. Even if someone did like the layout for the game(just got that outta the way sence im baised on the fact) how many people get to play it in the arcade? Not many besides a few select places in the us. So it would be unfair sorta i suppose. Besides people that wanna play on the arcade layout still could as well if you have a arcade stick you could do that or well play on a pad which is just better imo for the game anyway.

Console tourney huh…?
well…will there atleast be a arcade machine setup for those of us who dont wanna play on console?

Damn, well i’ll bring fire hoses to evo2k4 and we can do it right. :slight_smile:

I’m anxious to see what evo will do (put consoles in cabinets? allow pads?). I am not familiar with 3d tournies, didn’t know they were used to it already. It seems non-capcom companies already have much better console ports (sans DC) so i’m sure that helped a little. Even so the only game under real debate IMO would be A3, and since it’s not included, it wouldn’t matter this year anyway.

oh well…actually Sol can bring in D loop in the middle of the field without using any tension gauge… and this works for almost all the characters (method varies since different characters have different weight/size)

anyway, that’s not the point…

i made a mistake on the release date of GGXX #Reload for PS2
it’s July 31th, not June. sorry about that

GGXX on console is a real disappointment.


There is a different GGXX?? ok j/k

My real point was that IMO there’s no reason console games can’t be everything the arcade tournaments are and more. Just from asking people the two biggest concerns i get are 1) the quality/consistency of the games, and 2) joysticks moving if they aren’t in an arcade cabinet (lol).

WRT to GGXX you’ll have to let me know about #1, cause i don’t have arcade xx here, for all i know it could be a perfect port, or something of A3 proportions. If it’s the latter i would definately see your point.

I’m sure with a little engineering work (put them inside cabs, or build a good arcade style joystick panel) #2 will disappear too. I’m just wondering what else might be a problem for players going from arcade to console.

Am I reading that right? Sol has a mid screen/field D loop ? Are you talking about the [f,d,df+k], f,f,uf +HS,D >JI > HS,D (now in corner) > loop away? That’s the only one I ever found. Or did I miss something major?

Jive Out!


i hope they put ggxx in a cabnet cuz i dont think i could do anything on a pad.

Personally I am quite glad to hear it will be on console. I’ve never even SEEN a GGXX cabinet before heheh. Having it on console is best for everyone because you can still play with a stick and use whatever layout you want (I use a stick but I don’t have it configured like the arcade). If you don’t have a stick im sure there will be some sticks there for people to use.