Which version of street Fighter !V should I get?

I have always been interested in getting into fighting games specifically Street Fighter, and with SSF IV coming out it seems like a good time to start. But the question is, which version should I get, Xbox or PC, or does it not matter because the control scheme is the same with a pad?

Super Street Fighter IV is not coming out for PC. At least not at the moment. 360 and PS3 are your only choices.

Unless you’re talking about regular Street Fighter IV, then the decision boils down to:

Do you want to be able to create your own custom costumes / download custom costumes from the internet, and have the potential to mod your own game or download mods? Get the PC version.

Do you want a more stable and thriving online community (though with original SFIV this will dwindle upon SSFIV’s release)? Get the 360 version.

Well in that case I’ll just get SSFIV for the Xbox, because that seems to be my only option.

The PS3 is clearly your best option.