Which version of these games should I import?

So I have both a Dreamcast and PS2 Slim capable of playing imported games.

I want to have the following games: Garou Mark of the Wolves, KoF 2002, Street Fighter Zero 3 and Vampire Savior.

Now these are my options:

Dreamcast: KoF 2002, Street Fighter Zero 3, Vampire Chronicles and Garou Mark of the Wolves

PS2: KoF 2002, Street Fighter Zero: Fighters Generation, Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection and Garou Mark of the Wolves

Now what I’m looking for the best version, doesn’t have to be all for the same console, I can use my HORI Stick for either one of these platforms. When I say best, I mean better resolution, better frame rate, less glitches and best sound.

Also, keep in mind that my Dreamcast is hooked in my LCD’s VGA port while the PS2 is in the S-Video port.

Thank you


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KOF 2002 Unlimited Match on PS2

Zero 3 is a toss up. Dreamcast Version is a Enhanced Port of Upper and Fighters Generation has Zero 3 and Upper

For Savior it’s another toss up. Vampire Chronicle is Hyper for that series and the Collection has the Arcade Version

For Garou the PS2 version is better than the Dreamcast Version.

So to sum it up, might as well stick with the PS2 versions since 2 of them are better and the other 2 are a draw.


Now what about DOA2? I already have the Limited DC JPN version, but is DOA2 Hard*Core for PS2 better?

project justice , both US and Japan

Yeah, pretty much. Vampire Chronicle is a good standalone game so get that as well. And only the DC version of Zero has World Tour Mode.

As far as DoA goes Hard*Core is the best version of DoA2 available in this case. It’s a step down from Ultimate 2 if that’s any indication to you.

Agreed. But the Japanese version has School Life Mode and the bonus costumes for Hinata and Bowman. But I tend to play the Japnese version more though.

Why? Japan version should be more than okay (even though the game is sub-par and low on replayability, the japanese version rapes the stripped-down us version)…unless they tossed a speed increase into the us version at the expense of the create-a-fighter and board game modes.

Well I remember reading that the game on PS2 was graphically inferior to DC and that was probably with regular RCA connectors, not with a VGA box.

well , you can try the unlocked characters right ?

As far as options go yes. But the DC version outs it on looks though. The PS2 versions
all suffer from a weird lighting effect that was never fixed.

Cool, thank you

This thread made me want to get that game. The dc le was fuckin’ beautiful even on a regular tv, and on a vga monitor, my god…well the ps2 version has more stages and from what I hear, more costumes…but crap graphics in comparison. Still, for 6 bucks, I think I’ll give it a try. I DO miss playing doa2. I wonder how it’ll look on my hdtv…

Good luck finding either of those.

And no, I will not sell you mine. :wonder:

Garou MOTW on the 360 is the same as the PS2 port. Except now you can see the “Guard Cancel” letters when you guard cancel. So both ports are good for tournaments and to practice on.

IMO, the DC version of Alpha 3 isn’t worth getting over the PS2 collection. Even if you only care about Alpha 3, the DC port is based on upper, so Vism doesn’t work quite the same. If you ever play Alpha 3 in a side tourney or something, it will be different.

But plus you have the other Alpha games on the disk. Plus pocket fighter, which is surprisingly fun, if not very serious.