Which Version(s) Are You Picking Up?

Which version will everyone be picking up? Local scene points to PS3, but online community for 360 may be more populated.

I live in europe, and i don’t think the online community is as divided as it is with you americans. I don’t have an xbox anymore, anyway, so i will get the special edition for ps3 …

But you forgot the PC version in your poll. I will get that one too, most likely, for the small chance that capcom will step up their support for the plattform one day.

Maybe Vita version also. I can image having the exclusive characters first being a system seller for the Vita.


I’m getting the special edition on PS3, so I can assemble my build it yourself arcade bank like a little 5 year old. :slight_smile:

Special Edition for PS3.
I live in Europe, so I should get it on March 9th. :-/

But that’s ok, this way I can take a look at some reviews first and cancel my pre order if the majority of the reviews are bad.

That really blows. Does Europe normally get video game releases on friday?

360 and then PC when it drops.

PS3, Special Edition, though that last part is more because GS only sells the Special Edition; I could just order the regular edition from Amazon, but I want the game on Day 1.

I’m not sure if it is always on friday, I don’t think so to be honest.
I ordered from Amazon. They always send out the game one day before the official release date, so I have it on the next day.

I guess I could get it earlier, but I don’t want to drive around and ask in every shop, I’m lazy lol.


Special Edition for PS3 and PC.

I fear the lag of PS3 and thus converted to XBL half way through my SSF4 career
so going the 360 route is for me

I’ve pre-ordered the Collectors’ Edition for PS3 but I might pick it up for the PC, like AE.

Xbox 360 Standard. For some reason Amazon doesn’t make me pay for release date shipping, it’s weird because if I select 1 day shipping it adds about 10 dollars but release date is free. Literally no S&H. Glitch? I don’t know.

I don’t really get it either, but that’s how it works. I’ve gotten most of my FGs from Amazon and every release day shipping has been free. The only downside to it is it gets sent out by UPS which means you can get it at 11am or 7pm depending on where you live.

To answer the OP’s question: I’m getting the standard PS3 version.

Just realized that the Limited Edition is only 10 dollars more so I ordered it. yeah I get mine at about 7.

Getting the LE for the PS3.

Mostly due to my curiosity over the arcade bank thing.
Kinda sad that there is no CD in it, i wanted to jam to Guile’s theme.

I believe it’s free standard shipping if the order is $25 or more and processed from amazon themselves, not their store partners.

Are you sure its free? Its always been .99 cents for release day shipping and its not a glitch, its meant to be a sort of promo, a way for amazon to stay competitive to best buy or gamestop, I mean nobody would want to buy at amazon when you have to wait or pay pricy shipping for release day so that’s why they have RDD at 99 cents. I also think the special edition is a must buy, you get a bank a comic book and the gems which will probably be worth more than 10 bucks and hey its only 10 more and you get a cool alternate cover art.

But release shipping isn’t standard, or at least I don’t think so.

Just realized it was 99 cents. Definitely getting LE.