Which voice do you pick?



I personally use the JAP version for Sagat since I like the the way he says “Tiger Shot” in Japanese much better than the English version.

I don’t like the Tiger Destruction in Japanese though, he says something like “Pikachu” or so?


All characters voices set to Japanese, they just sound natural


Same, started playing in the arcade where it was jpn only. I also have a tendency to pick drive in at night or temple if I have the ability to choose because those stages really caught my eye when I first started. As far as voices, all jpn except for cammy, guile aaaaaaand - I think that’s it really I’ll double check later and update the post, not that anyone will particularly care, but I kinda forgot what its set to.


You guys should try English Ryu, it’s actually pretty good!


English voices in tournies actually throws off my reactions to my opponents.

I don’t know wtf they are saying so I actually have to think about my responses. lol.


I do English for non-japanese characters because it’s just more realistic. English is a worldwide language, so lots of people from lots of countries know it. Hearing a Thai character or a Chinese character speak japanese just makes me want to punch the screen. There’s no way those guys would be speaking japanese!


I just picked all Japanese voices for the Asian characters.
Anyway, why does Tiger Destruction sound like Pikachu in Japanese? -.-


Boxer, Guile, Rufus and Cammy are in English. Everyone else is Japanese. Originally I had Ken as English but I just love his Japanese voice actor so switched back.

Some of the english voices are laughably bad though, so every now and then I’ll turn them on just to hear the BS.


Ken grew up in Japan so of course he would speak fluent Japanese.


c’mon now

playing Street fighter with the english voices is blasphemy

only scrubs keep that shit in English


Japanese for sure. When Sagat throws Tiger Shots, he sounds like he’s saying “Iverson!”


I’ll tell you what blasphemy is… seeing a bruce lee clone speaking fluent japanese. Did you guys see The Chinese Connection???


all jap except balrog


Just love that ‘FIRE TRUCK’ sound sagat makes in english voices


Japanese on all characters except Boxer and Cammy.


I usually use Jap for the cooler sounding characters. I.E., Sagat, Ryu, Bison AKA Dictator. I just think Sagat and Bison sound much much better JAP than they do ENG, myself.


I use english voices because it bugs me when i can’t understand them, but i am falling for Sagats Japanese voice when he shoots tiger shots.

Edit: not gay


I dislike the english voices for his Ultra/Super so I use JP.


I’m not a fan of the “Tigew!” so I go with English. Personally I think Michael Clarke Duncan fits Sagat being a 7 foot Thai guy. I don’t like the english Tiger shot that much either but I think it sounds awesome when he says Tiger Uppercut and Tiger Knee.

Either way, I wish they used his CvS2 (Alpha 3 also?) voice.


C. Viper
El Fuerte

Fei Long
Chun Li
E. Honda
M. Bison

So 3:2 in favor of English for me.