Which Weapons Based Fighter Will You Be Buying Next Week?

Soul Calibur III or Samurai Shodown! V?

Soul Calbur III + Limited Edition Guide :smiley:

gee why don’t you just buy the game and throw $18 into the trash can outside the store

Already pre-bought both, plus Ratchet 4 and RE4, I’m a broke motherfucker this month.

Why would anyone buy vanilla SSV?


I was thinking of getting it. :confused:

I want the Art, Soundtrack and poster. :sad:

But damn, the limited edition guide is the same price as Sam Shodown! 29.99?

Dude, don’t. Unless you reeeeaaaaally want xbox Live play specifically.

SS V is coming out? Wow im out of the loop. After the mediocre game that was SC II I have my reservations about III especially with the create a fighter.

Well if you think SC2 is sub par compared to SS V then hell . .

And WTF … stop milking the consumer SNK. Just port Tenka already jesus christ.

What exacly are the differences between SS5 and Tenka? I know it has new characters, but what engine changes have been made?

the only thing that has me halfway interested in getting SSV is the fact that the story might actually be in it

in the Neo Geo version, the story mode was only for Japan

what am I talking about, it’ll probably be lame engrish

SS VI is coming out next month supposedly or december, I’ll get that over ss5 and sc3

Not really excited about either of these, as I have SSV on MVS and don’t really care for SC all that much. I might get SSV just to be able to play some Sam Sho over XBL though.

I’m a broke ass mofo, so neither yet, but I’d rather get SamSho.

How the hell is releasing SSV - a game that has never been ported outside of the Japan PS2 release - milking the consumer? It’s not like they’re forcing you to buy it :rolleyes:

Because Tenka is out in arcades and they are just now releasing SSV, when it’s obvious that in the near future Tenka will be on the way?

You can tell you’re on SRK forums when any bland 2d game is held in a higher regard than what any 3d game has to offer.

SS V is just as vanilla as my skin tone. SC3’s extras alone are worth more than half the fighters on the market.

First: It’s not held in such high regard because it’s 2D. It’s held in such high regard because it’s an amazingly deep and fun game. We don’t know what to expect with SC3, especially since SC2 was somewhat of a dissappointment.

Second: Online play is FAR better than single player extras.

odds are, SSV is a Samsho, and Samsho is what I play. I might agree on SCIII being a more involved product, but I couldn’t care less for its gameplay.

It’s just a shame that they are porting SSV and not SSVSP. Makes no sense. SSVSP is one of the best SSs in years and SSV is one of the worst.