Which would be best to get, Hori RAP VX-SA or BlazBlue Arcade Stick


This would be my first arcade stick purchase. Both of these are about the same price. I see the BlazBlue looks like the Madcatz TE sticks, did Madcatz make them? The BlazBlue has a lock switch and a toggle switch for the joystick. It doesnt look like the RAP has that.

Real Arcade Pro.VX SA

BlazBlue Arcade Stick
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The Blazblue stick is just a limited edition run of RD2 TEs with slightly different aesthetics.


Sorry, what does RD2 stand for?


MadCatz “Round 2” Tournament Edition sticks. The BB stick is just a MadCatz Round 2 TE with different art. Since you can easily change the art and such on a TE by modding, it’s essentially just a standard TE with a (I believe) slightly-higher price tag.


Ah, thanks :wink:

Actually the BlazBlue is cheaper than the standard Round 2 TE.


Now that we have the BlazBlue stick cleared up, which is a better buy since they are different layouts/manufacturers?


Neither one is better. They use the same parts. It’s all about preference.

Most of the advice in the sticky arcade stick faq applies here. You might want to read it if you haven’t already.


You can get the BB stick on Amazon with free shipping as well. I bought mine there. Was technically cheaper than the official store you linked (like $5 less, though its usually $129 there, too). From what I understand, it still ships from Arksys, who are rather slow compared to usual Amazon shipping, so you are looking at like 2 weeks for it regardless. Arksys store says +s/h, so Id go with AMazon for free shipping if you decide on it.

Oh, and make sure you pick ps3 or 360 for it on amazon. you click a little box for it and some people in comments report messing it up somehow and getting the wrong console version.

finally, the art is really impressive on the BB stick. Unlike other TEs Ive seen, it has a reflective/almost holographic look to it. Really impressive seeing in person compared to still shots. Box is beautifully detailed as well with art all over it if that floats your boat. Of course, it’s the BB art, so if you dislike its anime influenced look, none of this really matters.

Functionally, its a TE. I love it, it works perfectly and am currently getting ready to mod for 360/ps3 dual use.


Yep, I reviewed it. It doesnt really say what parts the HRAP uses. Is it full Sanwa? I dont see the joystick toggle switch on the HRAP. I like to play games like Pacman and other classics, is that toggle switch necessary?


The toggle switch allows the joystick to emulate an analog stick - it’s just left on DP (d-pad) 99.5% of the time.


By analog stick, do you mean Up, Down, Right, Left whereas the other setting would give you 8 ranges of motion? What does games like Pacman require?


When set to LS or RS, MadCatz joysticks send joystick position data in such a way as to make it appear to the console that that data came from the left or right stick respectively. If I remember correctly, there is some delay in this - hence DP being the preferred setting whenever possible. All fighting games that I can think of support the dpad, as do most arcade games. It depends on the game.

When set to DP, the data is sent in a way which makes it appear to the console that the input has been performed on the D-Pad.

With regards to Pacman, I own Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and can verify that it can take input from both LS and DP settings.


go snag a BB TE.


Im reading that the PCBs on the old TE have issues. Confused…


They arent that old. And Ive never heard of any issues outside isolated cases. I have friends still using original TEs from the first batch with no problems (not really a proper sample space obviously, but for reference). All TEs use high quality parts, regardless of how “old” you think they are. You wont be disappointed by quality of parts and worst case its replaced under warranty or you buy a new pcb and with easy quick disconnects (no soldering), you replace it yourself for next to nothing.