Whiff punish help


I recently watched a video made by Juicebox Abel in which he discusses whiff punishing, from what I remember he says it’s impossible or very difficult to whiff punish on reaction online so you need to predict when your opponent will attempt to use a poke.

How do good players predict when their opponent will throw something out? The only thing I can really think of that may have been mentioned in the video is something that I assume would only work against a good opponent and that is faking a poke by doing a jab so your opponent throws out a counter poke and then whiff punishing that.

But how do you generally predict pokes against opponents that aren’t interested in whiff punishing?


Isn’t it the purpose of a fighting game, verily; fighting in general, to read your opponent and act accordingly? If whom you’re up against is oblivious to poking or is savvy to it, should it not be your job to think of a counter strategy? I don’t entirely understand your question either; why are you trying to predict something that the other player isn’t doing?


I’m not, I think you’ve misread my post.


you can whiff punish online, its just a lot harder.

to answer the question tho, you can predict based on the opponents movement. most online opponents will walk to a certain range from you out of habbit before they press a button. online or offline you dont react to the button alone. you react to this pattern. it tells you that they are about to press a button

the lower the opponents skill at footsies, the more recognizable the movement and button pattern will be


lots of bad players will always just press X button at Y range. if this is a clear pattern, barely walk into their range then walk back out and press a button that’ll beat theirs.


The easiest example to think of is most bad shotos will sweep as soon as you’re in range for it. So walk up just out of range, and stop short the punish the sweep.

Remember that you’re not just watching their patterns or guessing what they’ll do, you’re also using your own movement to bait moves from them. The worse they are, the easier that is to do as well.


best thing to do is record the training dummy wiffing the move you want to punish, and punish it. Practice what works best at what ever range you are at, learn the range where it is unsafe to try to punish, ect. after you do this thousands of times, it will become second nature and the punishwill just happen without you thinking about it. It will simply be reactions at that point