Whiffing lps between hadoukens


why do people do this? I assume- and do it because it’s just another timing trip-up. More than likely an opponent will advance nto the fireball you’re about to throw. is this the reason?


Reading this post from Maj will probably answer your question:

Shoryuken - Shoto Whiff s.LK Secrets Revealed!


k so its just threatenign filler.
eh. i do i with guile or chun (st) for that reason so i can charge.
i like using it for timing screwups better.


you can also use a whiffed light attack to bait a jump or super/ultra if the opponent is focused on punishing your poorly spaced fireball. You create a false opening as bait and punish.


I’d like to note that part of the article linked above is wrong (or at least doesn’t tell the entire story):

Part of why you do st. lk is because you can do the full hadouken motion with the kick and risk nothing coming out. Many people react to the animation of Ryu going from standing, to crouching, and then doing a move.


if you dont do nothing, people can react as soon as you do something, if you do safe stuff, they reaction is hurt since they must notice that you are actually doing something unsafe.
I do all the time before doing a full screen headbutt, if i just do the headbutt, they jump back and punish, if I throw random normals they jump back once or twice and then I toss the headbutt when they think I don’t pretend to attack.


Also used to punish focus dashes through the projectile.


Gootecks and chen were talking about this today on the stream actually. Apparently it comes from old school side by side arcades. People would watch each others hands and react to people doing qcf & button, so people would do qcf & lk to bait jumps, then uppercut those mofos.


Hence the “it looks like you’re doing more” part that you quoted.


In reference to “oldschool” methodology, some players would use standing jabs and lks to keep the opponent in block stun in order to control space more efficiently. Wrap your mind around that.


Can be very effective. Sweep is also good if you do it on reaction.


I never understood why people do this all the time, I never fall for it. It seems like meaningless filler people use to look threatening. I consider it a bluff


Which is where they got the Idea to give Ryu on HDR a “fake fireball (QCF+lk)”


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Well, if its Ryu, I would do it just so I can punish people who try to go through fireballs, ala Focus Attack Dashing. St. lp-> sweep is very easy to do and a solid punish.


It’s not really block stun. There was no proximity blocking back then (or at least it was much further off than what it is now), so if you tried holding back and someone did an attack, you go into the blocking animation. This would prevent you from moving backward.


You missed the point. The article doesn’t reference doing the entire hadouken motion with the st. jab. It just says “use st. lk instead of st. lp because it looks like you’re doing more” which is true since the animation for st. lk moves a lot more from neutral than the animation from st. lp. Try doing the hadouken motion and ending it with st. lp. You’ll probably get… a hadouken. Now try it, but end it with st. lk. The reason you use st. lk is because you can’t fake a hadouken with st. lp (I guess unless you do qcb + lp, but that defeats the purpose of being ready to anti-air DP).


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Is your opponent looking to react to any little move you do with a DP/Super/Ultra? While it IS a bad idea… if they’ve cracked, they may be in that kind of mindset. Whiffing light normals may help you bait something out in that situation.

That’s just one instance of where it can be helpful. It may not effect certain players, depending on what they’re looking for in your movements.


doing lots of jabs as fakes and then a qcf+lk works pretty well also. alot of people dont mixup there fakes. the point of faking with ryu is to get people to jump WHEN YOU WANT THEM TO. not to not get them to jump. nothing but st.lk fakes works well for slowing down peoples reactions to fireballs but doesnt do much for actually getting a shit ton of fireballs on screen, or for making the opponent jump at the wrong time, precisely when you want them to. as soon as a couple of st.lk’s are seen by decent opponents they usually will not jump in as much if they werent induced to jump on the very first or second one.