Whiffing Normals during Fireball Zoning?

Ive been seeing this a lot lately. Like in the video below. The Deejay is whiffing st.short alot. Why? I see this too with Ryus who are whiffing standing short as well? Thanks guys.


They’re trying to make it look like they’re gonna throw a fireball, to trick the other guy into jumping.

ahhh!! I see. This tactic used alot in other fighting games as well?

I don’t know, really. I just know it’s something people used to do back in the SF2 days. They use s.LK because you can do qcf+lk which makes it sound like a fireball to your opponent standing next to you.

Yeah, it’s a fireball fake-out. As jmcrofts said, most people use qcf + LK, at least with shotos. Not only do you get a stick sound and button press sound (which lots of people listen to in order to react to your fireball with some kind of anti-fireball tactic), but you even do the little duck that people watch for. It’s a trick you can use in any fighting game where you would want to fake a hadouken-like move.

The idea of doing “fake” inputs can be applied even more generally though – as just one example, if I think somebody is listening to my inputs in SF4, I often just mash on the stick when my character is getting up from a knockdown to make them cautious of a reversal move.

With charge characters, along with faking fireballs, it’s a way to keep your positioning without constantly walking backwards and walking back to the corner too fast.

Most fight sticks have 8 buttons and SF only use 6. Some players change their extra 2 buttons to not function. Sometimes tapping the extra 2 buttons, cause people to react.