Whiffing normals for Demon Flip timing purposes

I have known top Akuma players to use this technique (Momochi recently at Singapore and Tokido at Socal), but I am not fully sure which normals to whiff and when. Does the normal you whiff matter based on positioning (ex- whiffing standing FP after back throw), or are there certain moves that go with a specific demon flip (ex- c.MP always used with MK demon flip)?

Thanks in advance

After a successful Demon Flip palm strike, I like to whiff 1 cr. LP. It sets up the timing for a follow up LK Demon Flip Palm strike.

After a Demon Flip throw, whiff a far HP and then forward jump HK for a safe jump on 5 frame reversals. (Cammy, Sagat, Seth, Chun Li etc) This can be mixed with empty jump low for an effective mixup. You can also whiff the far HP and then take a small step forward to be able to mix the cross tatsu in too. The opponent is unlikely to identify the extra little step.

After a forward throw, whiff a standing HK (double roundhouse) into an HK Demon Flip dive kick (no delay) for a dive kick that stuffs Shoryus, Flash Kicks and serveral other reversals.

Oh snap, this is what I’ve been trying to get the timing down for. Will be testing this tonight, expect a marriage proposal of some kind if I get it to work :slight_smile:

I’ve always just used Akumas belt as a visual cue. :xeye:

Belt?? You mean his OBI (which is actually a piece of rope and not an actual obi). In what way do you use it as a “visual cue”?

Didnt know the technical term. I just play the game. But yes.

On characters with a normal wakeup times, after the kd, I keep down held and before the obi touches akuma I jump in. Characters with a 1 extra frame, I wait till his obi touches.

Its tough to explain.

No, it makes perfect sense. You wait for a particular frame of animation before inputing your next move. I wouldn’t have thought to look at his “belt” myself. It’s a unique perspective, but if it works! :wink:

I too will be testing it out tonight, but it sounds fairly brilliant! I never would have thought to look at his obi/belt for visual cue’s.

Also, thanks for the tips to all who have posted; it has helped tremendously.

[media=youtube]snD0t2Xz73k[/media] @7:13

For those who need some in-combat visuals.

Also useful for this unblockable against some chars (reply number #2612 on Akuma video thread):


Can someone sticky this thread? This is valuable information. These setups are essential in these matchups.

I’m curious as to whether this carries over properly into Super as I am having varied results.

Ryu’s mp SRK can trade in this case, which can often give him a free super if he’s stocked.

Ken’s mp SRK can also trade (Ken’s preferred aa SRK option also) and if we are near the corner, give him a free EX srk for decent damage. I expect a partial Ultra could also be used, as could an immediate air EX tatsu.

Whats funny is that this actually stuffs Ryu’s U2. Akuma takes one hit and bounces off (taking 0 damage) while stuffing Ryu’s U2 outright. Its pretty cool :smiley:

My familiarity with this setup as it exists in SSF4 is very poor. The timing involved in it may have gotten sticky as a result of them messing with wake-up times and the start-up and forward movement you get when doing the roundhouse.

I think you can still stuff Kens reversal MP SRK out of the air with the right timing.

I decided to mention it to be in-keeping with the theme of the thread. In any event you could make them all whiff with palm.

Where does the Dive Kick have to be done: at the peak of his jump or half way down (meaty)??

Peak… and it all has to be done ASAP. Still works good for Guile, but I don’t know if I could recommend it’s stuffing powers anymore. It’s still useful since the palm makes awkard stuff whiff.

I don’t think this is stuffing an srk, because “reversal” doesn’t appear. As far as I knew you can only reset Ryu’s uppercuts because one of the changes to super was to make him airborne from frame 1.

This was one of the recent notes on changes to Ryu in AE, he will be grounded again, which means these setups will truely stuff srks, rather than just resetting him as it does currently. (Edit: I see Gamogo has recently also posted this in a different thread)

For other characters of course, go nuts…

The Tokido setup (forward throw, stand roundhouse, demonflip) does work to stuff DP’s.

The point of the setup is to give you 3 different options off of the same flip. Divekick to stuff DP’s and apply pressure on block. Throw to get damage when the opponent expects a dive kick. Palm to land behind and confuse the block. You see Tokido go into a cr jab stand fierce ex tatsu in this situation.

I’m curious as to how to place the dive kick. Do you do this immediately?

As mentioned above, I’m finding some inconsistencies. I’d like to chalk it up to my timing not being watertight however.

I found the best results happen when you do the dive kick at the peak of the DF jump arc. This is true for Guile’s FK and Ken’s SRKs. At worse, you trade. At best you stuff it completely.

For Ryu or Akuma I haven’t found one setup that works in my favour as I always managed to get knocked out of the air or trade. I usually resort to the cross-up if I can, but this new stuff about whiffing st.HP after DF throw to line up your dive kick sounds promissing.

I perform the timing as delayed. However I have beat every Ryu option and have been hit as well, so the timing, as with everything Akuma, must be perfect.