Whiffing the tick throw - what am I doing wrong?

Okay, I’m familiar with the basic theory behind tick throwing (catch the other guy in a throw while they’re in block/hitstun), but I can’t seem to do it right, even against the computer.

EXAMPLE: I jump in as Alex with j.lp or j.lk. Whether it hits or gets blocked, if I go into lp Powerbomb right on landing, the miss animation will come out, overlapping the enemy sprite by a lot, and then the computer will nail me with a jab. I’ve also had similar results in trying to do this with Hugo’s HCB + K (unsure of the move name).

What am I doing wrong? I’m fairly sure I’m not out of range for the command grab, as I’ve had the moves connect from much further out. Am I activating the move too early or too late? Does my tick setup just plain suck?

You can’t grab someone while they’re in blockstun. Think about how cheap that would be, hehe. You have to wait a little after you hit them, at least until they leave blockstun. So, just do your grab a little later.

You can’t grab someone out of hitstun either. That would mean you could combo into grabs (there are some exceptions). Again, just wait a little.

Wait a half second, then throw. Problem fixed.

no throwing in blockstun or hitstun is allowed. thats always been the rule in sf. like what was said earlier, that would be some bs. only time you can throw off hit stun in 3s is if its after a move that causes the character to turn around during the hit stun. very few exceptions there that you rarely see…

Tick throw means you throw them RIGHT after they leave block stun, making it HARD to get out of the throw, but still possible.

Everyone else already explained what to do, so yeah.

The only game I’ve seen that let you throw in block stun was TMNT: Tournament Fighters and that was some broke ass shit.

KoF does let you command throw people in hit stun though, and even with that, most of the grapplers aren’t top tier.

I usually just tick, walk forward and throw/grab/whatever. Unless it’s a kara-trow of course, then I’ll just wait.