Whiffing with Oni: A guide to missing with his moves



I’ve noticed that oni has some . . . peculiarities to his moveset. This is designed to shed some light on that.

  1. DP+Kick – This move cannot cross-up. Much like the start to Juri’s ultra2, if the opponent is at all to the wrong side of Oni’s fist, the move will whiff completely. This can even happen on small characters who are merely crouching beside you – you will overshoot them and miss.

  2. Target combo B+MP, FP – Against opponents who are crouching, the FP will always miss.

  3. F+HK – This will miss crouching opponents as well as airborne opponents too high in the air. The hit box is very narrow. It’s really best to use CR+FP or SRK vs. air attacks. His standing FP is also better, unless your goal is to whiff.

  4. His DP+K moves are assigned to the wrong buttons. The fastest/least damaging/most comboable is on MK, then LK is slower and does more damage, then HK is the slowest and does the most damage. In a tight combo, anything but MK will whiff.

  5. Ultra1(air) will put oni at the top of his jump before going off. This allows your opponent to almost always dash forward to avoid damage and punish you. Unless you are guaranteed to hit them due to hitting them in the air, or punishing Gouken’s U1, this will almost always whiff completely.

  6. HCB+Jab(air) is not an anti-air move and will only hit someone in very strange scenarios. it’s only purpose is to cross the screen faster or to cancel out with HCB+K or raging demon. If you are facing a character and try to hit them with this, it will whiff.

  7. F+FP is a projectile. Using it against projectile-immune moves will whiff

  8. If your opponent is outside of jab range and crouching, HCF+short will miss them. The animation looks like it will hit, but it wont actually damage them. The hit box is much smaller than the “slash” glow (this is supposedly being fixed in the next update)

  9. If opponent is pushed completely against a wall, EX-Tatsu -> B+MP cannot be followed up with a cross-up (EX/HK slash). It will 100% miss. The EX Tatsu must not hit someone against the wall or it gives them a special wall juggle state and you are hosed.

That’s all I have for now. I hope this is useful to someone.

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Another common whiff issue of Oni is Air Tatsu after air dash. If he is at average-low height you can see his leg but seems hitbox does not appear.o_O


The more I use oni, the more I get frustrated by how many of his moves will just miss. His ground pound is useless for punishing because any forward movement will make is whiff. His standing fierce is completely unreliable. His air ultra is completely worthless. Yesterday, I was using him and someone did a dragon punch at me in the air. I did the ultra, and during the ultra windup, the person was in my face. It missed. The next round, i caught someone jumping, and only one hit connected and the rest of the fireball went through them. His short charge is at least being fixed, but I really think they should look at other moves in his arsenol and get those working as well. Just making his standing FP hit crouching and making his ground pound have a very small cross-up hitbox would improve his game tremendously. His air ultra should also, in my opinion, come out instantly, but oh well at least he has two viable alternatives for the fireball ultra.


I found another reliable whiff with oni. This is one I’m actually surprised I hadn’t noticed, but I tested it and am sure others can confirm it:

If your opponent is flush against the side (tested on right side), and you EX-Tatsu them, then B+MP followed by EX-Slash, the EX slash will not hit them on landing. Apparently, the opponent gains the same kind of immunity people get against other wall juggles where it limits to one hit. Even though the EX Slash is technically not a juggle, the opponent does not have to block it. To avoid this, the tatsu should only be performed when someone is slightly away from the wall. Then you can B+MP -> EX Slash Cross-up.

I discovered this while trying to figure out why a stun trap I’ve been working on would only work when I began the combo away from the corner, but always failed in the corner. There you have it.


I think you are doing it wrong. Are you trying to land the ex slash or Hk slash after you connect the EX tatsu near a corner?, if yes , you need to delay the the input command like e.g B+MP wait for a split second cancel your hcf + HK or EX (slash) then your opponent needs to block it or mash some invincible move out if not they will get juggle for free. Key is “Delayed” cancelling and not actually speed canceling nor linking. I hope this helps to rectify the problem :slight_smile: