While Cody Is Confirmed in Super Street Fighter IV Whats His Story Wise?

******Hey Guys Be Honest, beforeCody gets In Super Street Fighter IV right, Have Guys ever thought about wha his story is going to be in Super Street Fighter IV? Because I believe that His story will be good if it make sense, back then Cody became a hero, then all the sudden he became bored with peace so he went on fighting more bad guys & claiming himself that he’s no hero till all the sudden he went to prison because, Poison Framed Him from a crime she committed in a game called “Final Fight Revenge”. After a riot he managed to escape in SFA3. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Cody broke out of prison after a riot ensued. During his travels, he met up with Edi E (who is trying to recapture him), Rolento, and even Guy once more. Rolento wanted him to join his militant movement, which Cody refused after a heated argument. Guy, meanwhile, wanted to reform Cody and get him back on the good path, but Cody said that he was no hero and basically lived for fighting. The two then had their own battle but after they calmed down, Guy accepted that his friend had to live his own life. When Guy asked if Cody would stay in Metro City, he replied that he still had traveling to do and the pair separated. Guy bid him farewell, realizing that deep down inside, Cody is still a good person. So the question In Super Street Fighter IV Will Cody finally learn his Lesson, seek redemption to reunite with Guy, and solving the case that Poison should be brought down to justice for fraiming him or Is he still a fugitive on the run not learning his lesson? ******

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Did i miss something in ST? What was the code to play Cody?

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