While playing console fighting games: prefer game music or other music?

When you play fighting games on a console, do you listen to the game’s music, or do you put on your own? Also, if you put on your own, what music do you listen to while playing?

I usually put on some Cocteau Twins tapes while playing KOF 2002.
As for CvS2:EO, I put on a mix CD (mine usually has random shit, like dance music, rap, J-pop, 80’s music, etc), or I put in a Type O Negative CD (more specifically ‘The Origin Of The Feces’) Depends on what I feel like listening to.
In SF3:TS in the Anniversary Collection, I listen to the in-game music, for it is awesome.
While playing SC3, I usually pop in my Sean Paul CD.

I listen to many genres of music, and I enjoy integrating it into my gaming experience.

ditch the sean paul cd and replace it with fingernails raking a chalboard sound it sounds better
i hope his ass ends up like snow both of em got no talent as musicians

I’ve been listening to Fort Minor while playing Marvel and T5.

I put on my own music, but I always leave the SFX way up. Playing without SFX weirds me out.

The most violent or high energy hip hop I can find:
Mobb Deep (before they sold out)
Talib Kweli
DJ Kool
Big Daddy Kane
Nas (fast tracks)

I find that the music in fighting games is usually pretty good, with the exception of 3S and CvS, which make me want to vomit. Those hideous wannabe-gangsta rap tracks are some of the worst game music ever, and in 3S there isn’t even an option to turn it off! Unfortunately I stopped playing CvS years ago, and in 3S I just mute it when I can’t take it.

Actually, in the PS2 version of 3s, you CAN turn it off. Shit, you can adjustboth the music and SFX. I’m pretty sure the dreamcast version has that option, too. Lol, at CVS’ and 3s’ soundtrack being “wannabe-gangsta rap” music though. Oh yeah, real gangsta.:confused:

As for the topic, I like to mix it up. Sometimes I find myself getting tired of the soundtrack and other times I find myself actually wanting to hear the music I hear all the time.

I don’t remeber hearing gangsta stuff in either of the games. I sounds like you don’t like rap.

I always listen to the in-game music.

Its strange to say I play Kanye West while I play X2 and I play mix cds and screwed up shit on CvS2. I mostly play rap when I practice…or when I have batteries/a very fast computer. On some games though, it was said that whatever music you like and you play it in a very important match, you would be so much better and focused. That and smokin weed before the match.

most fighters dont have that much good shit anymore. ill listen to trance, a little house or hip hop if i find myself playing nowadays.

Pre Playmore SNK tracks are great since they remind you of the good ol’ days. Capcom’s SF III SI Track does the work on its’ own. Jungle and fighting mix well together. So does Classical or Jazz (Contemporary or the POP llike stuff you hear on Rogue’s track)

Two coke cas do the trick

Seconded, it’s all about playing to DJ Premier beats, like some MOP shit while playing Tekken, that’s the shit man.

As far as custom music for burned Marvel my copy has a lot of Guilty Gear music because it seems to fit MvC2 kinda sorta…

I listen to whatever is on the game. It usually suits the theme of the stage, plus i like some of the bgms on games.

I can’t listen to shit since everybody else is asleep by the time I’m able to get some gaming in. But if in case I happen to be by myself, I fire up whatever’s on the computer. It does feel kinda weird when somebody’s beating the crap out of me when Enya is blaring in the background…

dependz, when practicing I just “play all music” on my WinMedia player. But if its against someone it’s usually the game music.

With the exception of KoF 2001 (which I avoid playing, anyway), in-game music.

If it’s bad I’ll put on the GG soundtrack. Else I’m usually pretty cool with in game when I’m somewhere. As long as there is music, I’m pretty good.

I like listening to Kotoko or T.M. Revolution while playing Virtua Fighter.

Wu Tang Clan goes great with MvC2. Especially “Triumph” and “Rumble” (from the Wu Tang: Shaolin Style game on PS1).

When I play King of Fighters, then it’s DJ Premier. Oh man there was a Premier beat from a few years back that had the Lox on it called “Recognize”. If I made a King of Fighters combo video (no matter what year), I’d use that song.