White Cafeonly in Japan


we have a japan thread i believe

If the pay was decent, I’d be so down to drop everything and do this for a while in Japan.

…We also have a video forum…
Aw, misleading title. I was hoping this was going to be about segregation, instead its about how Japanese women are unsatisfied with Japanese men, we all knew that. What they should invent is some kind of “naked cafe” where nude or partially nude men or women serve beverages (possibly alcoholic) to various patrons. To accentuate the mood you could have a light effects, a smoke machine or even some kind of dancing stage with a pole. Then you could show your appreciation by brushing your hand against their genitals as you put a sweaty 5 dollar bill in their undergarments.

…I see what you did there.

EDIT: I laughed at the fact that the men being Westerners surpassed the needs of being, “treated respectfully and having a kind waiter”.