White Color Costume?



Does anyone have a Laura with a white color themed costume?
If so how do you get that color? I’ve already beaten Survival Easy, Normal & Hard.
Don’t tell me that is unlocked through Hell Mode!

I played a White Laura online and she had a title "Just Gotta Dance"
Super mysterious!




From japanese 's “Volcanic edition” , very expensive but with all color (no need survival mode) +1 exclusive by character.


I hope we will buy with FM a day…


Thanks for clarifying… damn exclusivity.
The more I look at her other costumes, the more she looks like a female Dan.


Best Laura color in the game right now IMHO. I hope we’ll be able to buy it with FM soon.


I think it might be in the Store since they are adding colors to buy. My dumb ass actually fell into Capcom trap and grinded out hard survival for her purple color. That white color is the best though imo as well. 2nd would be her purple color.




May the store is your only choice if you did not bought the deluxe (?) edition.
Of course there are ways around that with modding