White Grandfather Detained While Walking With Black Granddaughter


Racists bastards, It’s just because he was bla… wait what.

…I mean I understand it’d raise suspicions but it’s still racist? no one stopped my grandma when she wandered around with my 5 year old self ;~;

Jamp sighting!

Uncle Ruckus will be suing for emotional trauma to the collective consciousness of the pure, lemony, graceful white race supreme!

I would of snitched as well… that particular stereotype is too accurate for its own good… cant take no chances nowadays.

Yeah, but no one thinks women molest children, no matter how wrong that may be.

Pigs is Pigs

Seriously though, what a silly thing to do.

Yeah. It’s like they went after the first people they saw.

“Oh shit, I just saw a white guy with a black child, it must be him because they are the only people like that in the universe!”


pops in twisted sister ‘we’re not gonna take it’:annoy:

I always have the wtf face when i see a older white couples or men with black kids… especially down here in the south. Its a beautiful thing though…

Just yesterday I saw this super hood dude in walmart pushing a two lil white baby boys ( about 3) bule eyes blonde and all that… I was like woah whats going on. Of course I followed them around a bit, to see who the mom was…chick was bad “high class” looking white chick with green eyes and blonde…

I was so confused, the only reason i know they were together is because she kissed him…

If there life was a reality show I’d watch it, they have to get the most ridiculous looks and comments.

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Thank goodness he is white, had he been black with a white child he won’t be around to tell his story.

The End.

Is this one of those black pride moments? Where you keep the low white man down? Ya you like that.

See what happens when you get a black president?

Where was his slut daughter through all of this?

The police acted rather extreme considering the “kidnapper” was just casually walking up the sidewalk with the victim.

i admit, i lol’d.

I’m Korean. I’m also adopted by a white family.
My dad told me of a story of getting harassed by a Chinese cop when I was a baby. That was about 1988. It’s sad that this shit still happens in 2012.

Understandable. If my children are mixed one of my fears is that they would have children with a white person and people wouldn’t be able to recognise me as the child’s Grandfather.

Although there are a lot of sexual predators going after little children. It does not justify him getting hurt on sight walking his grandchild down the block.

Am I the only one that is actually more surprised that the police give a damn about a black girl?