White Grandfather Detained While Walking With Black Granddaughter

Hadn’t thought of it that way. But yeah, a standup comedian I saw a long time ago actually made mention of how turtles and other pet animals are usually more sought after than black women when either are missing.

Not saying I agree with it, but there you have it.

On another note, what kidnapper would just fucking walk around with a child they kidnapped out in the wide open in the first place?

how is this that weird? Old white guy kidnaps young black girl in TEXAS and shit gets called in. Then they find an old white guy with a young black girl. They asked their questions, and found out what they needed to know. Sure, later they pulled tazers, but couldn’t afford to take any risks in this weird freak situation.

It was Texas. It involved cops and black people and old people. It doesnt take a genius to figure this could have ended WAY worse.

I was driving around Schenectady, NY one night eating apples from fo’castle farms orchard with my mormon friend in his parents van (they have a huge white van so that they can put the whole huge fam in the thing when they do their sunday thing). We pulled up to a red light and immediately got sandwhichedd by like four cop cars that seemed to literally come out of nowehere at the intersection. As we sreeched to a halt, the bags of apples tipped over and hollow sounding wet thuds as apples were swimming around all over the floor around our feet and bounching back again to the rear of the mormon minibus.
Heads jumped out with guns drawn. Then, a cop from behind had rushed up to my boy’s window and grabbed him by the collar and pressed the gun to his temple. My boy had his hands up and this madd nervous laughter like, “Can I help you officer?”
“Oh you think this is funny! Your going away for a long time bleepitybleeep!” While other cops have guns on me in the passenger side “Hnads up m_______-r!”.
Just then my other boy Angel walked by the intersection, I caught his eye as his facewhent pale in the shine of the police cruiser soptlights, and he immediately turned away to look straight ahead and kicked up his pace a bit.
Cop opens up the door and drags my boy out by the collar on his hands and knees and throws him on the hood of the cop car behind. My boy is straight scared laughing “I didnt do anythign, this is a misunderstanding” and the cop still has the gun pressed into his back “Shut up’ Dont move; do you wanto get shot! you make me sick blablaaa!” They cuffed him, put him in the back and all that and after 1/2 about half an hour in the road while madd more cruisers showed up, the cops realized that we werent the kidnappers they were looking for. They immediately started blaming women, I didnt really understand their excuses but they left almost as soon as they appeared.
Vans are dope.

^^^ I like being white and knowing something like that will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever happen to me :slight_smile:

reverse racism?! wtf? thisis friggin amazing…a white man fitting a blanket description!?

You know, this shouldn’t be about race.

Shouldn’t the issue be, which it is, the way this bitch and her posse of pigs handled the situation.

Yes there was a kidnapper on the lose, but when you are working on random reports that may or may not be accurate, you should handle this much better. Its what you are trained to do. Jumping the gun and pointing a tazer, which isn’t safe and is being held by uneducated and untrained police officers, is just asking for problems. And its also making the police look even worse than they already do.

whatever though.

the only thing missing is the white van, like the one in Hub’s post.

like legit this report is amazing to me. it truly is a new day and age…5 years ago you’d neeevvverrr hear this shit go down.

“my president is black and my lambo is blue nigga”-riley freeman

Shit like this is why my children will be more wary of the police than of the sociopath-in-training who’s in their class everyday.

Fixed. Love dat Boondocks quote though.

aye dios mio. :eek: driving while black in a white neighborhood?

you can’t make this shit upo_O wtf

fixed that for you. you’ll DEFINITELY attract attention from cops if you’re drunk and white.
i’ve also heard cops profile white guys that have lots of tattoos too.

At home, getting some of that BBC?

This is mainly the result of terrible demographics profiling. They hear about a white man kidnapping black girls, they immediately assume this white man walking with a black girl must be the culprit and overreact. Seriously, it’s fucking Texas, not the middle of Iowa. Mixed families aren’t that rare.

Well going by previous kidnap attempts on little black girls, the girl is always smart enough to get out of the situation and escape… they must have thought the old white was some type of super nonce… with pedo levels of over 9000.

‘Yeah, but no one thinks women molest children, no matter how wrong that may be.’ ???




sry for the confusion
im white
and my friend was white too (but he kinda hangs out with trife people being a mormon and all - hahaa it true)
the stop happened to be smack inbetween GE plot/union collge (madd rich/rich private college) and carrie street blocks (which is a good time: I knew a place right there where an on duty cop regularly parked his cruiser to cavort with local lady-and across the street, local bloods leader lived around that time - or at least they did beat-ins in a yard there across from a friends house…yadayada…
<–totally white tho; I just figured it was the van, or jsut that the Schenectady cops are the worst kinds of people honestly

The shit just don’t stop, does it? And people around me wonder why I don’t come outside that much? One day, somebody is gonna REALLY end up dead for walking and chewing bubble gum at the same time.


No shit. I’m glad I’m not 5ish about to grow up into whatever this world may be by then if we haven’t reverted back to middle ages type shit over civil wars or something. This place is going down the shitter so fast. At least we still have the internet right now so we can get our kicks.

There’s no such thing as reverse racism.

From the second link,

[LEFT]"During the investigation into the alleged molestation, authorities uncovered evidence Dr. Lindsey may have committed bestiality.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]The bestiality does not involve the child"[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Not religious in any way, but thank fucking god.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]I’m sick of people being allowed to exploit others because of imaginary paper. I.E. Degrees and money.[/LEFT]