White Lotus niggaz!

man this i jtm straight outta gwampton of the po wing province heres a video id like to show everyone in the ST commmunity the white lotus clan is on the come up fo realzz!!!
white lotus assassin

LOL Po Wing Province.

sup meng just gettin ready to go to texas and the to cali to visit my pops man and then i was listening to this song by mc eiht lol man this is some ol skoo shit kinda takes you back tho meng http://youtube.com/watch?v=nrVCRQd1ugU
also mandel i wish i could take u or manny with me dawg visit some fam and go to evo hit me up tommorow deezy.

Will do my dude.

BTW-MC Eiht is filthy.

Loved it when I was younger. Then I saw the movie, and loved it a little less. The movie was alright, but a touch trite. It diminished that song’s appeal for me.

Not even on some funny shit. That right here brought me back…way back…

Down with the White Lotus.

yea that movie is to show an idea of how things went down in the scc but man shit that really do go down is more harsh for TV best believe things arnt easy trying to stay up and not get caught up, much luv to my lotus peeps.