White mother sues sperm bank after giving birth to mixed race baby


That’s the actual title of the story. I mean, how can I improve on that?

SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?

And the child is the biggest loser in this mess.


All white communities are pretty fucked in Ohio. Even having a different last name will get you in some bullshit. Fears are legit


i hope they award them $100 million, but it all goes to the girl so she can buy a better family.


And they say racism doesn’t exist in America…


“I’m probably going to be racist to the child I gave birth to but it won’t be on purpose”

someone AHVB this piece of shit please


In principle, I’m with the mother. She didn’t sign up for that shit, that said I can’t help but feel like the mom probably harbors racist feelings and that’s why she’s really angry and suing.


Maybe, its probably more of the feeling you get when a fast food place messes up your drink order in the drive thru. It jars you at first because you’re expecting one thing, but then you drink it anyway because it ain’t that big a deal. She wanted that white baby but got the chocolate swirl; she’ll still love it and raise it, but it wasn’t the order.


Move away from the “all-white community”.
Step up to/ Ignore/Cut off shitty fam if they don’t adjust.

You’d think being in a same-sex relationship they wouldn’t have tolerance for bullshit like that.

Sperm Bank going to have to pay if they fucked up though, no real argument there.


Fears? They’re already a same sex couple! They’re already different! Poor kid. Her two moms secret don’t like her because of skin tone. That child will grow up to hate her parents and rightfully so. Hope then she gets into anime and will marry some korean guy just to mess with them further.


Lesbian racists lol


If people didn’t start to invent new meanings to the word “family”, this would never happened


She can be the most enlightened, tolerant woman around. She’s still going to look like a big whore for having a mixed baby and no father around.


Well, depending on her area’s demographic. I’m sure it’s not always like that in diverse areas. But in many places where there are few minorities, a single white mom with a mixed race baby is assumed to be a slut.

Not saying it’s right, but it’s so.


mix baby is probably way cuter than the cracka-ass racist baby they were hoping to get…

just saying


I was really hoping this was about someone who lives in the same town as my parents. They live I’m Uniontown, Arkansas. I was all excited and everything.

Terrible way to start my day. Hopes dashes.

That’s also racist. Dumb white bitch…etc.


I now hope their mixed race baby brings home an asian guy, the dark kind. Just to fuck with their “acceptance” and “tolerance”


This is terrible.
That baby is gonna be hot!


I’m not sure if I would call her racist for just wanting a white kid, but…

…fuck that bitch. Wanting to raise a kid without a real father is the true crime here.


Lol I some video about this shit 1 of the moms said her town was so white she never meet a black person till she was 18 in college. Story is failure all around.