White People Of Marvel Tournament Upcoming

Saturday April 10th is the very first all-white people White People of Marvel tournament at Arcade Infinity. Its being put on by shoo, who organizes and runs the SF4 AI ranking battles. Yes, you read right. An all-white people Marvel tournament! Could be the next mud wrestling, who knows? Either way, its going to be a lot of fun. Here are some of the interviews of a few of the white people: [media=youtube]4Gfnke34LQw"[/media]

So come check it out, Ill be there.


just wow

I don’t think a more appropriate person could have replied first…


nah, in this case maybe on the same level with special olympics


Or womens tourneys.

can i enter if i claim to have a tan?

This has got to be a troll topic.

It’s as stupid as the idea of a womans only tournament ffs.

You could make the argument that it’s worse than woman only tournies due public perception. But yeah, the troll stream just doesn’t end, does it?


Does the winner get a MvC2 white hood?