White powdery substance on bottom of hrap3 plate


I did a search but maybe I don’t know what words to search for.
I noticed recently that there’s this white stuff building up on the bottom metal panel of my hrap3. I got some paper towels and rubbed it off until the surface was fairly smooth but overnight the stuff is back again. is this some kind of corrosion? how should I try to stop it?


White powdery stuff? That is most likely plastic dust from the joystick grinding it self to death.
It might be time to take apart, clean and re-lube your joystick. Perhaps replace any worn out parts.


hey thanks for responding but i meant the stuff was on the outside of the bottom panel. like if i put the stick on my lap it would leave white stuff on my pants.


Depends, if it’s on the outside, on the bottom then it could be something else, considering that there’s two barriers between the JLF and the bottom (HRAP3 has a second, plastic floor), and you’d expect any white residue from the joystick to appear on the top panel.


I get white stuff on my pants when I see a well modded arcade stick too.


Shouldn’t put your arcade stick on top of the table you snort coke from. Last thing you need is a drug dog sniffing your stick and your pants. That’s how you get your dick bit off.