White Ranger vs Guile: It's more likely than you think

Which one of our childhood memories will prevail?

I’m going with guile because I have stated 198320328 times before Red Ranger > White Ranger/Green Ranger.

grabs :coffee: and wait for Maxx to debate with me. FUCK TOMMY NIGGA

If Tommy can summon his Tigerzord, then it’s all over. Otherwise JCvD will Sonic Boom->tick throw his ass because the White Ranger has shitty reversals.

Van Damme has no real training as far as I know. He just does generic flashy movie-fu.

Couple years back he got in a bar fight and got thrown through a window.

Actual MMA fighter versus a coke addict, I wonder who will win.


:rofl: why do they have such a dated picture of tommy? tmz step ur game up.


JCVD is 49 years old and Tommy is 35 years old. Come on now…

Coke addict, of course. He’s probably willing to do anything for a fix, plus his speed is set to Turbo 3.

If SF: The Movie: The Arcade Game was any indication, I’d say that one punch in the nuts by Van Damme Guile is all what he needs to win the whole thing.

Eh’. If they did fight I see it going in JDF’s favor. He’s in better shape, probably has more extensive training (I’ve met him and only thing I can say ‘bad’ about his training for MMA is he only has a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and he even admitted his grappling is a little sub-par) and he has an actual fight record for MMA and kick boxing.

So the age factor shouldn’t even be considered?

age as an excuse has no meaning these days to me. look at randy courture, mutherfucker is 46 and still hanging wit the young guns.

To be fair, they also used a dated picture of JCVD.

Van Damme actually fought full contact kickboxing matches before he was a movie star. Key word, before. So take that for what you will


Frank was already a renowned Martial Artist Champ so.

My money is on JCVD off swagger alone.

I am thinking this whole fight is just a promotional stunt. Who the fucks fight over someone not going to your movie premiere, lol. If the fight does happen however, I want Van Damme to win no doubt about it.

Sonny Chiba will beat both of them. :cool: So will MJW. :looney:

Let’s also remember that Tommy has a bad habit of jumping in. You know JCVD will be looking for that sweet sweet Flash Kick anti-air. Power Rangers suck at safe-jumps :shake:

yeah, you won this thread with this post. lolz.